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Are any of you out there like me who love to take pictures but you don’t really do anything with them?  Or do you just have so many pictures that you don’t even know what to do with them?  Well I just may have found the solution to your problem!  At you can create beautiful photo collage’s and you can use as few or as many pictures as you want!   You can create collage posters, canvases, cards and even blankets!  Do you go on various vacations and have tons of pictures but you don’t really do much with them?  Well not anymore!  Just look what you can do with all your travel photos!  Isn’t this an amazing way to capture all your adventures!


And what about all those baby pictures?  I don’t know about you but I have a million of these! 🙂



And I just love this one for all your wedding memories!  You always have so many pictures taken and now you can use them all and create a beautiful canvas for your new home!


So needless to say when I heard about I was so excited to try them out!  I have a million pictures of my kids and I am always wanting to do something with all of them.  The greatest thing with a photo collage is you don’t have to pick just one picture.  You can add all of them and create a fun decoration for your home!  When my baby turned one we took her to get her 1 year pictures and I wanted some of her eating her cake.  And with a photo collage I could see all the cute pictures of her as well as add all the messy cake pictures to show the whole birthday event!  Just look how cute it turned out!


I loved all these pictures and it was so hard to pick my one or two favorite poses.  But with a collage I didn’t have to.  I simply uploaded my pictures, picked a layout and they arranged it for me!  So simple and easy and it turned out absolutely adorable!

To start I just went to their website and selected what project I wanted to create.  I picked a 20×30 poster.  When I started first creating the poster I wanted to do the birthday cake collage.  For this it would have just taken my pictures and put them into the shape of a cake with candles.  But when I uploaded my pictures I realized that some of the pictures where getting cut off when they were being fit into the shape of the cake.  It wasn’t a big deal and you could move the photos around or resize them so you didn’t have faces cut off.  I did play with the layout and they even have the option to move or shuffle the photos around so I played with that for awhile.  But in the end I realized I really wanted to see all the pictures of her cute and messy face so I decided to randomly align them instead of putting them into a shape.  And now that I’ve seen the finished product I am not disappointed at all.  I just love the poster collage and I think it is adorable.  I have it hung up in her room above her dresser and it is so much fun to see and look at all her cute pictures.

Here are my thoughts on creating my photo collage poster from  I really liked how simple and easy it was to use.  I didn’t have to download any programs and even the upload process of the pictures was very quick and easy.    I really liked that they had options of colors for the backgrounds, text, and they have over 100 different shapes you could create using your photos.  Plus once you have your finished project they offer free sharing on their website and other social media outlets.  So you can post it on your facebook page for everyone to see!  How cute!  So with that being said I did run into a couple hiccups along the way.  The first was the shape.  I really liked the idea of a cake for her birthday pictures but I was having a hard time with the fact that some of the edges around the shape would cut off parts of the pictures.  I think for the most part that wouldn’t be a problem but for the project I was working on I really wanted to see everything.  So this was really just my preference.  I really think if you were working on something different like all your travel photos you wouldn’t even notice if something was cut off a little bit.  The second hiccup I found was I had typed a text on the top but it wasn’t displaying it.  I was getting a little frustrated because I couldn’t figure out why it was happening.  So I just closed my internet browser and re-opened it a few hours later.  When I entered the text the second time it showed right up.  So I’m not for sure if it was my computer/internet of if it was their website but it worked itself out and I love my collage.  So after my experience with creating projects with I am completely satisfied!  I just love my poster and it turned out great!

Create Your Own:

If you are like me and would love to decorate with all your cute photo’s you should check out  They have lots of great products from posters, canvas’, cards and even shower curtains!  Have fun a create with your memories!  Also, you should follow them on facebook because they regularly promote sales on their fb page.

Win It:

How would you like to create your own collage poster?  Well one lucky Oh So Savvy Mom reader will win the same 20×30 collage poster!  That’s a retail value of $29.99!  Just enter below and good luck!  Open to the US and must be over 18.



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  1. Courtney McCollum says
    They have totally ruined my Christmas presents for my mother and mother in law. I ordered on November 27th and still have not received my order. They only sent one email confirming my order. Then nothing until I contacted them via email about my order. They give you a sob story/song and dance about "small company" , "only 12 employees" "problems with our distributor" when in actuality they were mismanaged into doing an idiotic Living Social coupon that they cannot honor. I didn't even use the stupid Living Social deal. I was a former customer who paid way more than the people who used the LS coupon. Then they want to offer a $75 digital coupon for my next purchase. There will be no next purchase. And I will negatively review this company every day until I get my blankets. Go to their Facebook page and see how many Christmases they have ruined because of their poor management
    • Andrea Burkhart says
      Ditto I have the same problem! I ordered my blankets on November 30th, well in advance for the Christmas delivery and was told I would receive them in time for Christmas, however they will not be delivered until December 30. Absolutely the worst customer service! They did offer me a Rush order of posters as "placement holders" until the blankets arrived but clearly no one wants to receive paper on Christmas. They stopped responding to my emails when I told them there company was not prepared for the holiday or the production process. I was scrambling and forced to buy back up gifts until/and/or/if the blankets arrive! I will never use this company again and share my poor experience with family and friends, Yelp, the Today show website, and any other review site!
      • Andrea - I'm so sorry you have had such a bad experience with Did they eventually end up arriving by December 30th? I hope you've received them by now. I will be forwarding your comment on over to a representative Thanks! Kate
      • Hey Andrea - we're very sorry for your experience. Can you please check our other post for our formal response?
    • Courtney- I am so sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with them. Especially since you weren't using the Living Social deal that apparently bogged them down. I will forward your comment on over to a representative.
    • Hey Courtney - we're very sorry for your experience. Can you please check our other post for our formal response?
  2. I had the same issue as the two above, except I bought the living social deal that was not honored as I purchased. My blanket had been 'tracked for shipping' via UPS on December 20, except it sat for THREE days and I had no present my parents. Thanks Instead of making things right and shipping products overnight and taking a cut from your profits, you made the choice to not spend the extra and expedite shipping and I'm sure my order wasn't the only one that sat in a distribution center for Christmas. 45,000 blankets (I was told they sold via the living social deal) x $35 = $1,500,000 AT LEAST... Christmas will come late because of you.
    • I'm so sorry that your blankets did not arrive on time. I know how frustrating that must have been. I hope you have received them as of now. I am going to forward your comments on over to a representative. Thanks! Kate
    • Hey K A - we're very sorry for your experience. Can you please check our other post for our formal response?
  3. Non existent customer service. Not only was the blanket a week was someone else's blanket! Been e-mailing..and always automated response. They took my money but I have yet to receive my order. They even blocked me from their Facebook page because I demanded a response. Not happy at all...and wondering if they ever intended to honor their 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    • Cathy- That is horrible! I am so sorry you have not gotten a response from them. I will be sending your comment on over to a representative and I hope you get your correct blanket. Again I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with them. Thanks Kate
    • Hey Cathy - we're very sorry for your experience. Can you please check our other post for our formal response?
  4. I also have experienced a similar problem. Had the groupon but it expired so I was able to apply what I paid. Ordered a 16x20 canvas on 12/10/13 for a Christmas present, and it was delivered on 12/19/13 but the pictures were cut off and it wasn't centered, just a mess! Have called and emailed several times to no avail. Even contacted Groupon. Took my money ($75) and haven't received the correct product. I'm thinking I've been swindled. If the company would just own up and let us know what's going on, that would greatly help but they aren't even doing that. Sad.
    • I am so sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with That is extremely frustrating that your canvas was all messed up. I will send your comment on over to a representative and hopefully something's will get resolved. Thanks Kate
    • Hey Asia - we're very sorry for your experience. Can you please check our other post for our formal response?
  5. Hello all: We're very sorry for your experience with our company. We had an unforeseen capacity issue with our blanket printer and as soon as we found out our team went into crisis mode to come up with a solution. We pulled on an additional print partner and were upgrading orders to 2 day and overnight delivery to deliver them in time. We were heartbroken when we learned that UPS was having delays as well and that some orders would not arrive in time. This issue caused a 10x increase over our projected support volume - we reallocated our entire team to customer service and are finally catching up to the back logged support tickets. We've tried to be completely transparent about this situation - if you have any questions please let me know and I'll be happy to answer. This is not the way we want to do business and we are making 100 + 1 changes to make sure something like this never happens again. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if there is anything we can do to make this up to you, please contact me directly at Warm Regards, Dan
    • David-Anthony Powell says
      Hi Dan, I sent you a couple of emails back in December relative to my order and left a couple of VMs on Collage's general mailbox. To my surprise I have yet to hear back from you or anyone else on your team. Dan, I looked you up on LinkedIn and I was planning to inbox you to express my initial thoughts relative to my experiences with Wanted to express my sincere concerns relative to a recent customer service experience, which left me with a loss of confidence. As a fellow digital marketeer, I have endured an experience that I felt compelled to bring to your attention. After seeing the segment on the Today Show and getting a few email incentives from Living Social I decided to go for gold and buy the gift card for the blanket. This was a seamless and easy experience. The following day I began to personalize my collage for the blanket to order as a gift. Again the user interface and navigating tools were pretty intuitive and easy to use — the shuffle feature was pretty nifty to arrange the photo options.. Upon completion the proof generated was peppered and marked with small triangle notations relative to the photos (see attachment). I tried quite a few shuffle option before settling on the one I selected. This is where things get interesting. I tried the LIVE CHAT option a few times during business hours…unsuccessful. Tried calling the support team to reach a live person, left a couple of VM with no luck of a return call. Opted for emailing the support team has been met with a few obstacles as well. Realizing you're a small company and may have gotten overwhelmed with orders generated by Living Social for the holidays I gotta say the turn around time for responses to my emails have lagged by a couple of days and the issue still has not been resolved. See below my signature line the email strings. Dan, so as you can imagine I'm a little frustrated and I'm not sure whether to proceed with my order as my experience with virtual support has given me little confidence. Ideally, I'd like to buy items from your company, thus far my experience has had a few hiccups, which I'm sure is not the norm or at least I hope not. I am hoping sharing my experience is helpful. Please be in touch.