100 % Natural Deodorant That Works As Hard As You Do! pHresh – Review and Giveaway

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Did you know that 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies?  I didn’t and I was actually shocked when I found this out.  Think of all the products we use through out the day.  Soap, make-up, lotion, sunscreen and deodorant.  What is in these products?  I’m pretty sure all my products are made of pure chemicals and I am realizing now that all these chemicals are not good for me or my body.   So when I found out about pHresh deodorant  and their 100% natural products I wanted to try them out and see how and what they were.  pHresh is a natural deodorant that harnesses the power of vegetables and plant-based ingredients to keep your underarms clean and pHresh all day long.  Here is a description from their website.

Ideal for normal and sensitive skin, pHresh boasts soothing organic aloe, a miraculous plant lauded by dermatologists for its skin-saving properties. pHresh puts an end to odor-causing bacteria through the powerful antimicrobial ingredient Saccromyces Ferment, which is derived from vegetables and contains live enzymes that help absorb moisture and bring your armpit’s natural pH into balance. pHresh glides on smooth and clear, and won’t leave residue on clothes. Made in the USA, pHresh has an array of clean scents (and an unscented option, too), but it’s equally popular for what it doesn’t have.


pHresh 100% Natural Deodorant is free from:

  • Aluminum
  • Chemicals
  • Artificial Colors & Ingredients
  • Glycols
  • Parabens
  • Animal Testing

So with all of those great things being said are you wondering what I am wondering?  Does it work?  Well, I was sent all 4 scents to try and I was ready to see how the worked.  So I opened up the Tropical Blossom and I have been wearing it for a few weeks now and here is the conclusion that I have come to.  It really does work.  When I started wearing it I kinda thought that it might not work but I was wrong.  I wear it everyday and you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was an all natural deodorant.  It rolls on very nice and you don’t need to apply that much.  When I apply it, it actually feels cool and refreshing.  Although sometimes after I have shaved it does sting a little but there seems to be no irritation or red marks on my skin.  I have noticed that I do see some white residue on my arm pits at first but it never gets on my clothes.  I never have any of those white marks or even grease marks anywhere on my shirts that I seem to get with regular deodorants.  

Now for the stinky business.  For the most part I feel like it works and keeps me fresh and keeps odors at bay.  And trust me, I even asked my husband if my deodorant seems to be working and he hasn’t had any complaints yet!  I have only noticed that on one hot day at the zoo it didn’t work the best, but for my regular day to day life it seems to be working great.  I don’t think it is the strongest on my exercise sweat so I have gone back to my regular stuff if I’m going to the gym.  But I really wonder if anyone would notice there.  Aren’t we all sweaty and stinky there?  🙂

Buy It:

pHresh Deodorant comes in 6 different scents and they retail for $7.99.   They can be purchased online from their website or from iherb.com.  Here are the scents they come in.

  • Barely Sweet
  • Crème Brulee
  • Phree Unscented
  • Sugar Mint
  • Tropical Blossom

And pHresh Deodorant has been so popular with the women that they are creating a mens line!  So stay tuned for that.  If you are looking for healthier and all natural products that I suggest checking out pHresh Deodorant.  They even had facebook and twitter pages so you can stay up to date with all their news and offers.

Win It:

How would you like to win the same 4 scents I tried out!  One lucky Oh So Savvy Mom reader will get 4 deodorants.  Barely Sweet, Crème Brulee, Sugar Mint and Tropical Blossom to try.  That’s a $32 value! Must be over 18 and open to the US.  Enter below and good luck!




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