Tiny Love Magical Night Baby Mobile – Review and Giveaway

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tinylovelogoWhen Baby Brother was born he was such a good sleeper!  For the first several weeks he slept in his bouncer so he could be upright.  He’s had problems with reflux since birth.  When he was about 4 weeks we transitioned him to his pack and play dream center right next to our bed.  It was nice and cozy and he loved it in there.

We also swaddled him from birth.  However, when he learned to roll from his back to his belly at 3 months, we found it was no longer safe to swaddle him.  Since then getting Baby Brother to sleep has been a challenge.  Because I just can’t bear to hear him cry, most nights he just sleeps in his swing. 🙁

When I found out about Tiny Love’s new Magical Night Baby Mobile I was anxious to see if this would help Baby Brother sleep in his pack and play.  I hoped that the projected animals and the music would be enough to distract his sleepy mind and lull him off to sleep.



Tiny Love Magical Night Baby Mobile product details:


  • Musical mobile, High quality crib projector, bedside starry night light
  • Plays 30 minutes of continuous music, with 3 different music categories and 9 different tunes, all with volume adjustment and mute button
  • As a mobile, adorable animal images project into the canopy for younger babies
  • Converts to music box with ceiling projection for older babies
  • Converts to starry night light for toddlers

Though it came with several parts, the baby mobile was super easy to set up.  The Magical Night mobile requires C batteries (not included) so I did have to wait til I could run to the store the next day before we could get the mobile completely up and running.

Baby Brother still sleeps in his pack and play next to our bed–not his crib–so I couldn’t safely attach the mobile arm to the unit; it made the unit too top heavy.  I know most mobiles don’t come with pack and play attachments, but it sure would be nice if they did.


I did, however, try it with the mobile attached to I could review how it worked with the entire unit.  When the mobile is attached to the rest of the unit you can turn on the projector to project on to the mobile’s canopy.  The canopy isn’t a flat surface–think lampshade–so the projection is kind of uneven, but I really don’t think a baby will care too much about this.

Another thing to consider is that as they circle the mobile toys pass in front of the projector.  When they do this they very briefly block the picture.  Again, not sure how much a baby would care about this.


So, back to how I actually did use the Tiny Love Magical Night baby mobile.  Instead of attaching it to the side of his pack and play (because it isn’t possible) I set the unit, minus the mobile portion–which, according to the instructions is only supposed to be used for babies up to 4 months anyway–on my nightstand next to Baby Brother’s pack and play.  From there Baby Brother can watch the animal projections on the ceiling and listen to the music.

Now the big question!  Did this solve all our sleep problems????

Unfortunately, no.  I had hoped that a little distraction from a very cool baby gear item would be all it took.  But I guess I can’t fault my baby for just wanting to be with his mama all night.


Thankfully, even though Baby Brother’s not completely interested in this now, we’ll still be able to get years more use out of our Magical Night mobile.  Even after Baby Brother is too old for the projection mode of the mobile (and really, when will that be? I think my older boys would love to have the little animals projected onto their bedroom ceiling.) you can replace the little mobile hood–without the toys attached–back onto the unit and project blue stars onto the ceiling.  It becomes the perfect night lamp for kids and toddlers.

Because of its ability to really grow with your child I’d highly recommend the Tiny Love Magical Night Baby Mobile for parents of little ones.

You can learn more about the Tiny Love Magical Night Baby Mobile and other Tiny Love products at TinyLove.com.

Retailing for $59.99-$64.99, the Tiny Love Magical Night Musical Mobile can be purchased from Amazon.com or Babies R Us.

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