SwimWays floating pool toys make pool time a blast! #SwimSteps

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I can’t believe that our summer break is already half-way over! I’ve been blessed to have my sister staying with my family for the past 5 weeks. With 2 boys and a 5 month old it can be difficult to get anything done. It has been amazing to have an extra set of hands to help out.

My boys have loved going to the pool with their aunt. They’ve been able to go several times a week. As a result my 6 year old can now swim with no assistance, though he does still love to wear his “shark vest” (it is really a swim assist vest with a little flotation on the back). He’s also learned how to dive into the pool and loves swimming to the bottom to retrieve pool dive toys.

swimways flip floatAs a part of my participation as a SwimWays SwimTeam ambassador I was recently sent two of their newest floating pool toys. Immediately upon opening the package, the Flip Float was a fast favorite. Very simple in it’s design, the Flip Float is entertaining for toddlers and kids alike.

There’s more to this tugboat than meets the eye. Kids can transform the SwimWays® Flip Float™ from a boat to a whale with a quick splash. Take it underwater, and watch the whale spout bubbles. Great for the pool or bathtub!

I was actually kind of surprised by how much my boys liked this toy. I thought they’d both be too old to take any interest in the Flip Float, but my 6 year old loves it so much he’s actually had a bit of a hard time sharing it. He takes it to the pool every time he goes, and loves showing off how it can transform from a boat when it is above the water to a whale when he puts it under the water.

swimways pooliganThe other new addition to the SwimWays line-up we received was a Pooligans™ plush pool toy.

 These plush pool animals are made from anti-microbial, fast drying outer fabric and stuffing, making them perfect both in and out of the pool. Kids can swim with their favorite animal, and moms and dads can enjoy them as a cute poolside seat.

Pooligans™ plush pool toys are geared toward kids ages 4 and up. My 3 year was thrilled to bring his cool new polar bear into the pool with him, and he refused to let it out of his sight.  He loved playing with it the pool, but since he does not swim when he holds the polar bear to his stomach it causes his weight to shift and flips him onto his back.

There is also no way to wring the toy out after your kids are done playing with it. The bear was out of the water for about 30 minutes before it stopped dripping, and took much more time than a mom would like for it to dry completely.

My 6 year old, who is within the target age range for this toy, hasn’t shown any sort of interest in the Pooligan.  So, though my kids think the Pooligan is cool, I’m not so much a fan.  My experience with this toy however, is just my own opinion and I’m sure there are others out there who would have a blast with it in the pool.

And because summer isn’t just for the kids, SwimWays has an exciting giveaway going on on their website right for the next couple days! To celebrate their recent website redesign, SwimWays is hosting a Spring Float giveaway, where three lucky winners will win Spring Float prize packs!

The giveaway is still fairly low entries so head on over and enter for your chance to win!



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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! My daughter would love one of those pooligans so we will be sure and enter. I get all my pool toys from http://milliespoolandspa.com/ and my kids love them