Guest Post: Guide to Choosing the Right Anniversary Gift

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Finding the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary is never easy (trust me, I’ve done it the wrong way more than once!). But, it’s something every devoted couple eventually has to manage.

The bottom line is this: you both want to celebrate how long you’ve been together, but it’s really hard to nail down the appropriate way to do so. If someone spends $1000 on jewellery for a 6 month anniversary, for example, the recipient is probably running in the opposite direction. Then again, if someone thinks a bottle of wine is sufficient after 5 years, it better be one fantastic bottle!

Unfortunately, in years of tireless searching, I’ve never discovered a foolproof formula for perfect anniversary gifts. But I thought I’d at least write up a (very) general attempt at my own guidelines for which gifts are appropriate at which stages.

6 Months Dating

At 6 months, I really think the best way to go is to support a hobby or personal interest. You don’t want to be too serious 6 months in and show up on a date night with diamond jewellery (for her) or a $200 tie (for him – guys don’t want ties for gifts anyway). Instead, take the oppourtunity to show that you’ve learned something about your partner. A couple of books he or she might like, tickets to a concert or show, etc. can be just fine.

1 Year Dating

At 1 year dating, it’s a good idea to get a little more serious with your gift-giving or anniversary occasion. Super expensive jewellery or gifts might still send the wrong message, but by this point in the relationship you can afford to get more seriously romantic. That makes 1 year a great time for a lavish date night, instead of elaborate gifts. A classy, romantic dinner, or even something new like a couples’ massage might be a nice way to handle this event.

Multiple Years Dating

Okay, so “multiple years” is vague, and this one’s really a total wildcard. But how do you show how much you care after a few years together? Well, engagement is one idea – no better time to pop the question than on an anniversary! Another nice idea is something personal, but mutual – such as an unexpected photo album of your years together.

1 Year Married

1 year of marriage is an incredibly important milestone – you’ve made it past the beginning! This is a time to break out the major gifts. Guys, take a look at eternity rings and diamond necklaces at Ladies, consider something like an engraved wristwatch. Jewellery and comparable gifts are in play!

5 Years Married

At 5 years married, it’s time to get away together. By now you’ve settled into married life, and a romantic getaway can really hit the spot. Celebrate this milestone with a stay on a beautiful beach or in a romantic European city, and simply enjoy each other’s company – you’ve earned it!


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  1. Julie Wood says
    These are all good ideas and a guide to what to get for your significant other for an anniversary gift. During different times in the relationship, giving something too extravagant in the beginning is not a good idea. Concert tickets or movie tickets are good ideas.
  2. Glovis Yan says
    Hey Amy, I really enjoyed the part when you discussed the right anniversary gifts on different stage. I always believe that the first year anniversary should be the bunch of flowers as the early stage is always romantic. Now, we always have a decent dinner as yearly anniversary gift only:-)
  3. corporate gifts says
    Thank you for the post, your post has made me rethink the type of anniversary gifts that should have for my wife each year. I will bookmark this page as reference in future.