From sink to swim, our summer swimming progress. #SwimSteps

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It really has been a great summer for us. I kind of threw responsibility to the wind so that I could really enjoy things with my kids!

One of the things we enjoyed the most has been our time outside at the pool. I LOVE THE WATER. I can’t help myself. I was raised in San Diego, with a swimming pool, near the ocean. I grew up swimming all the time. And I want my kids to do the same.

I’d always been against floaties for kids before. I thought they’d give kids a false sense of security while in the water. As a part of the SwimWays Swim Team I got to test out a variety of swim floatation vests on my kids.

I stand corrected. The swim vests did not give my boys a false sense of security in the water. Rather it gave them the confidence and assistance they needed to build their swimming skills and take them to the next level.  As a side note, I did not put my kids in swim lessons this summer so their progress has been completely unassisted by swim lessons.

Big Brother began the summer not being able to swim above the water. He could swim under the water but didn’t know how to quickly come up for air and the return to swimming. Here is a short video of his progress:


Little Brother, age 3, was a bit scared of the water at the beginning of this swim season. Thankfully, he was so excited about his SwimWays swim vest that he was motivated to give the pool a shot. At the start of the summer, without the swim vest, Little Brother would cling nervously to my husband’s arm lest he be tempted to let him go. Here is a short video of his progress:


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  1. We are working on teaching our 3 year old to swim. He's only at the point where he will sit on the top step. That is progress though - he wouldn't put his feet in before and would cry. I hope that we have a break through soon!
  2. Jessica @FoundtheMarbles says
    Loved those moments helping my kids lean to swim. And when they do, it's such a huge relief!
  3. We are working very hard to teach our two,little ones to swim. Ive been following your children's progress and love seeing how much their skills have developed. Your posts have been very helpful!
  4. Way to go, they are doing awesome! I need SwimWays to help my son.
  5. I used swim vests for my daughters even after they learned to swim if there were a lot of people in the pool with the chance of them getting pulled under.