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Dads are an irreplaceable influence in a child’s life. Dads have the power to be a force for good in the lives of their children old and young. My own husband is such a wonderful example of the power of dad in my own children’s lives.

Here are just a few of my husband’s own Power of Dad moments:

  1. No matter how exhausted he is, Dad is always up for playing superheros with our boys.
  2. Ever patient (seriously, I don’t know how he does it) no matter how trivial the problem, sorrow, or owie Dad is there to listen and help.
  3. In our house Dad is the master builder of all things cardboard! Cars, superhero masks, claws, shields, you name it. The boys know they can count on Dad to help them bring their cardboard dreams to fruition.
  4. Dad was busy being a great dad to our youngest before he was even out of the womb. Best birth coach ever!

In honor of the Power of Dads, Oral-B has compiled this sweet collection of Power of Dad moments.

Do you have a Power of Dad moment? I’d love to hear it!

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  1. cleaning up vomit while you are vomiting yourself always makes me thankful for our dad/hubby
  2. Jenn McClearn says
    fixing all of our cars so we don't have to spend a million dollars a yr at the mechanic :)
  3. D SCHMIDT says
    Mowing the yard so that it does not become an overgrown forest!
  4. Washing his truck with him, as a kid, and fishing!
  5. steve weber says
    motorcycle rides, teaching me how to drive.
  6. Sandy VanHoey says
    I miss not getting to talk to my dad who called me nightly and we'd talk for 2-3 hours about the Bible and things like shopping.
  7. Kimberly Bauer says
    My Power Dad moment was when he told me he was proud of me shortly before he died :)
  8. Lisa Brown says
    My power dad moment was when he was teaching me mathematics for the first time as a child and I just couldn't get it; he was so patient through it all :)
  9. my dad was capable of doing whatever needed doing around the house. I remember him mixing cement and putting in sidewalks when we moved into a new home. I also remember him calling me over to put my initials and the date in that wet cement. It's a tribute to his 'power' that no other stray markings went into the cement before it dried
  10. Tyneisha Fondren says
    Working his butt off day in and out to provide for our little family of three.
  11. Stephanie says
    Working so hard every day to enable me to be a stay at home mom to our two wonderful kids!
  12. The power of dad to try to give everyone homemade haircuts to save money.
  13. teaching me how to ride my bike and encouraging me to get back on after I fell off and was scared to ride again
  14. Brittany Thomas says
    Going to work with my dad and actually working with him.
  15. Daddy took over vacuuming early in our marriage to help my back. Every time he vacuums, I fall a little more in love with him. And--he's teaching our sons to follow in his footsteps.
  16. changing diapers
  17. Melissa Nagy says
    volunteering to take the kids for the day while I take the opportunity to clean and relax a little.
  18. taking me shopping for my favorite woobie as a child
  19. shannon Baas says
    He does a lot to help around house although he works a lot.
  20. He wanted an upright piano in the basement and it (obviously) wouldn't fit. So he disassembled it, moved the pieces through a basement window and reassembled it. And it worked fine!
  21. help him rake the leaves
  22. Moving a fireplace insert from the truck, to the cabin, into the fireplace.....
  23. Daniel M says
    when he took us all to a red sox game
  24. Lisa Garner says
    My dad teaching me to drive. I was terrified but he managed to not only keep me calm but also make me laugh.
  25. Ann Fantom says
    My power of dad is his ability to fix anything including toys, cars, appliances, plumbing, electric etc.
  26. My Power of Dad is his ability to cook fantastic meals.
  27. Not a lot of good memories but picked a man to be my husband who is a perfect father to our 4 sons
  28. Lisa Baker says
    I remember my dad teaching me to fish when I was a little girl.
  29. Cynthia C says
    Dad always took us for Sunday drives that ended up at the ice cream stand.
  30. Taking me to the Florida Marlins games and then the FLorida Panthers games #powerofdad
  31. My husband working hard, so I can stay home with our son.
  32. Richard Hicks says
    Him taking on on deep sea fishing trips as a kid
  33. The power of dad when he spent time with the kids after a long day at work.
  34. My power of dad moment is how my dad would allow me to help work on his classic cars when I was young. I didn't know how to really help but he never discouraged me.
  35. My Power of dad moment was when i graduated from college this year and my dad gave me a huge present for that.
  36. motorcycle rides, teaching me how to drive.
  37. Power of dad when he went to my high school schedule conference and he wouldn't let me take journalism 2 I still don't know why-but I sure had to take crummy classes because of that change
  38. Cathy Truman says
    My Dad taking us fishing on his boat and showing us all his special ways to fish.
  39. Erica C. says
    I just remember him working non-stop and still having energy at home.
  40. Christine Sutor says
    My Dad always did his best and never complained!!!!!!!!!!! Supporting his family in every way!!
  41. Desiree Dunbar says
    I have so many wonderful memories when my dad taught me how to ski@
  42. Karrie Millheim says
    My top moment is watching my kids smile and get excited when their Dad walks in the door
  43. Showing me how to do things myself so I don't have to rely on others
  44. Brittney House says
    My dad always gives the best advice, good or bad
  45. sandra davis says
    my dad teaching me to drive will be something that i will never forget
  46. Suzie Williams says
    My husband is an amazing cook!
  47. Stephanie Larison says
    When he taught me how to bowl. That man has so much patience! lol
  48. my grandpa teaching me to ride a bike.
  49. joseph gersch jr says
    shopping for our grill
  50. Thelma G says
    Going to work with him - and seeing how hard he worked!
  51. My husband endlessly coached our children's T-ball, softball, and baseball teams.
  52. My dad taught me to drive - he was a man of great patience!
  53. susan smoaks says
    when we found a snake in the yard, Dad had to step up and kill it to protect our family
  54. My dad loved to bring my brothers and I camping...he never ran out of energy with all of the packing, hiking and swimming! Now as a parent, I can appreciate it all the more
  55. lilshuga2001 says
    coaching the flag football teams ;)
  56. Helen May says
    Power of Dad: Building a tree house with a trap door without nailing it to the tree!
  57. Holly Storm-Burge says
    When the kids are bored, dad is always up for a board game or a game of basketball.
  58. kemberley crosswhite says
    my dad taught me valuable lessons in driving and fixing things on my car like changing the tires or checking the oil. things a woman should know in case there is an emergency :)
  59. Kristin Sawatzke says
    My dad taught me how to drive and so many more things!
  60. The Power of Dad is we have found 4 rattlesnakes in our yard at various times, and Dad has saved us by removing them
  61. My dad took me to church.
  62. My dad taught me to drive a stick shift! It was probably a terrifying experience, but he still stuck it out, even when I killed the engine at every light, or took a curve screaming with my eyes shut...I drive an automatic now. ;)
  63. Diana Stanhope says
    My dad played dolls with me, that is some powerful love!
  64. Samantha Knight says
    M husband is always willing to go to the store when I am missing an ingredient for dinner, or when the kids need something. He is amazing.
  65. andrea d says
    step dad taught me many things including to fish now hes a wonderful and proud grandfather to my son
  66. Teresa Thompson says
    Learned a lot at the lake while fishing with dad.
  67. Riding places with my dad and the long talks.
  68. Samii Meyer says
    My mom was always basically my father and there are so many great memories of her always being there for me and always supporting me that I could not just put it into one memory
  69. Mary Cloud says
    My husband lets both of our kids crawl up in the recliner with him to watch movies every night - no matter how tired he is annabella @ centurytel dot net
  70. Colleen Maurina says
    My dad taught me how to garden and grow vegetables and I think of him every year when i plant my garden.
  71. cassandra says
    my dad taught me how to drive.
  72. Charlene Kuser says
    My Dad showed me determination and he could fix anything that is broken
  73. My dad played dolls with me
  74. Jennifer Reed says
    My dad taught me how to drive.
  75. When my dad taught me to cook.
  76. Darcy Murphy says
    The power of my Dad was that he taught me by example the importance of unconditional love between parent and child.
  77. My Daddy taught me to swim and to do maintenance on the car.