She taught me compassion, empathy, kindness. Thanks Mom. #MomWisdom #HydrationMovement

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Like most mothers, my mother made a lasting impression on my life.  A line from “For Good” in the musical Wicked perfectly describes the impression my mother made in me,

So much of me is made of what I learned from you. You’ll be with me like a handprint on my heart.

Though as time passes I uncover new pearls of wisdom that my mother secretly gifted to my subconscious, there are certain lessons she taught me early on in life that have always been an important part of who I am.

Always give someone the benefit of the doubt.  

My mom was a very kind person.  I can’t ever remember ever remember her saying something unkind about someone else–even about someone she didn’t know.  She discerned between right and wrong, but she didn’t judge people for their choices.


When I was a kid I was very shy and very awkward.  That’s me in the middle, and, yes, I’m sporting head gear…which I also wore to school.  I was skinny, too.  I didn’t hit 65 lbs. until I was in the 5th grade.  –I’m absolutely amazed to think that, in this picture, my mom was 2 years younger than I currently am.  On her lap she holds her 6th child.–

Because I was so shy I met with the occasional bully at school. My mom not only coached me on how to handle these small-time bullies, but she also helped me have empathy for them.

“Maybe they are frustrated about something and that makes them angry with other people.”

“Maybe they don’t have a very happy home, and don’t hear very many nice words.”

“People usually have a reason for acting the way they act. We just may not know what they are.”

Learning empathy from my mom has helped me be a more compassionate, forgiving, and open-minded person.

I hope and I pray that I am able to teach my boys to pass this on to my boys.  I want to teach them just as my mother taught me to have empathy–to think of the feelings of others when forming their thoughts, opinions, and reactions.

What words of wisdom or important life lessons did your mom share with you?

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Just think how wise we all would be if we each shared our mom’s wise words with one another! Visit the Nestlé® Pure Life® Facebook wall and leave a comment with the hashtag #momswisdom sharing what your mother told you and how it has made you a better person.

Here are a few of my favorites from the wall:

“Be patient, breathe, and smile. Everything will always work out.” #momswisdom
“Don’t be a worrywart” #momswisdom
“Be independent and follow your dreams.” #momswisdom
“If someone is giving you a hard time, give them kindness in return.” #momswisdom
“It’s always better to walk away than to say words you can’t take back.” #momswisdom
“Don’t let small details upset you. Look at the big picture and what’s really important.” #momswisdom

Nestlé® Pure Life® will continue to focus on healthy hydration, while also embracing Mom’s Wisdom – sharing and discovering all of the little things that moms have shared over the generations that make our lives better.

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So, what are you waiting for? Head on over and share those little Pearls of Wisdom!




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  1. You obviously have an amazing mom. I love the way she taught you empathy for bullies. I hope I have passed those same lessons to my children when they have been bullied.
  2. Very well said, I couldn't agree with you more. :)
  3. Jessica @FoundtheMarbles says
    I hope I am passing on that same type of empathy to my own children. It is such an important quality. It sounds like you had an amazing mom!
  4. I don't remember one thing from my mom, but she was great about teaching me equality, and difference in people. Empathy is a wonderful quality to have too, and something we try and teach our children.
  5. What a great tribute to your mom!
  6. i wore headgear too. with a girl named amie t. sigh. it was very....interesting. my mom taught me so much- mostly to be accepting- like your mom, she said you just don't know what people have lived through
  7. Oh no, I am having flashbacks of headgear from back in the day! luckily, I only had to wear it at night and for a couple of months.
  8. Hello, and I enjoyed learning about you and your family. Empathy is so important and something I hope I teach my son as well. This will be his first year in school and I hate the thought he could be a bully or run into one but we just never know what God has in store for us. Have a nice week and if you have time stop by and visit me as I also am in the same campaign.
  9. I really like your mom's philosophy as it kinda cuts out the judging we might be tempted to do!
  10. What an awesome way to share about how wonderful your mom is.
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