Our Swimming Progress and What to do when your little one has a fear of the water #SwimSteps

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Hurrah!  Pool season has started!

One of my favorite times of the year, I’m hoping to instill in my boys a love of the water.  So far this summer season we’ve been having a fun time visiting different pools.  In a couple days we’ll even be going to the beach!

In just the handful of times we’ve gone swimming, Big Brother has almost mastered swimming.  With his new Sea Squirts Swim assit vest he can swim several body lengths, come up for air, and then swim again.  He just needs to work on lifting his head for air without putting his body upright to do it.

Big Brother Swimming

Several weeks ago I talked about how Little Brother is a little apprehensive about swimming.  Thanks to his new Swim Ways Swim Vest I can see his confidence growing each time he goes swimming.  Just a few weeks ago it took up to 30 minutes for him just to decide to get in the water.  Now he gets in immediately and will even ask my husband to let go of him so he can swim on his own!

Little Brother swimming


I’m so glad that he’s developing this confidence on his own.  He gets really stubborn if he feels like we are pushing him so we really haven’t done more to encourage him to get in the water than just talking excitedly about how fun swimming is.  That, combined with the feeling of security he has while wearing his swim vest has really helped him let go of his fear of getting in the pool.

Fear of swimming, fear of the water is very common for for preswimmers.   Water safety expert Mario Vittone recently wrote a new post for Swimways’ website, giving parents tips on how to prevent and overcome water apprehension.  As I read through the post I found myself strongly agreeing with all his suggestions.  If you have a little one who’s anxious about the water or swimming, I highly suggest a quick read over this article.

Happy Swimming!

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  1. Water safety is so important . We started our kids with water wings and vests and they're quite adept at swimming.
  2. we love the shark swim vests! so cute
  3. Love those vests. We are starting to get our little one used to a baby pool and then plan to move to the bigger one!
  4. Great swimming tips! My younger cousins have used vests like these, and they learned how to swim quickly!
  5. When I was little, i remember it taking me a long time to warm up to the idea of going into water.
  6. This would be really helpful with the floatation aspect, and I love the shark fin on the back!
  7. Little girl used to be really afraid of water but so wanted to swim. She conquered her fears with a vest with one similar to the shark fin but without the shark and no fin...his is way cooler! The twins have a birthday coming up very soon. I'm thinking fins x2!