Both you and your daughter will look beautiful in this Double Braid Headband! – Hair Tutorial

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braided headband2


I first saw this hairdo on my husbands cousin and it was so cute that I had to try it out.  I loved it on my daughter but my husband said it made her look older than 6.  He thought it was cute but it was just an older hairdo I guess.  So while I still think this is adorable on my 6 year old I think it is a perfect hairdo for teenagers and us moms.  I would totally do it with my hair but I have a hard time braiding my own.  I guess that’s something I am going to have to work on!

So start out with your hair down and brushed smooth.  Then section your hair from ear to ear with a comb.  This is what it will look like when you are done but don’t secure it with the elastic yet.  Look at the next picture.



You are going to keep out a section of hair above each ear.  It doesn’t need to be perfectly sectioned off.  Just leave a little chunk above each ear like this because this is what you are going to braid.

section (14)


So now that you have your section’s of hair, secure the top of the hair with the elastic.   Next just grab the hair on either side of her head and braid it.  As you braid it, pull it up and across so it will lay across her head.  Then repeat it on the other side.



Now you get to secure the ends of the braids with a bobby pin.  On the first side you will lay it across her head and just pin it behind the other braid.  On the second braid I crossed it over so it would poke out the back behind her ear like this.



Now just take the elastic off the top pony that we had made and let the hair fall down.  It will naturally cover the ends where you secured the bobby pins so you can’t see them.  You can spray with hairspray and your done!  So cute and fun!

braided headband



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  1. This is really cute, and you seem to like trying out hair styles on your daughter. Have you ever tried a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip? They are SO pretty, and yet so practical (especially for busy moms)! If you haven't seen them, you might want to check them out! :)
    • Thanks for the suggestion! I checked out their website and they look so cute and fun! My daughter would love them and it would be a cute way to pull up her long hair.
  2. So cute, I will share this with my sister :-)
  3. She's precious!
  4. Michelle says
    Love! Trying on my daughter, I think it's ok for all ages!
  5. This makes it look so easy! I'm pretty sure that this is something both of my girls would love to try.
  6. I absolutely love it and I wish my hair was long enough to try it. It's so cute!
  7. Jessica @FoundtheMarbles says
    That looks so cute on her. Love it!
  8. Very creative! I used to do my daughters hair all different ways and always got compliments. I miss those days.
  9. andrea dimario says
    wow thats some talent!! I dont have a little girl but if I did I would love to try this out on her,.
  10. shelly peterson says
    Love the double braid headband, I might have to try this out on my niece.
  11. That looks great! I think I'll try this out on my daughters :)
  12. She is so pretty and what a beautiful hairstyle. I love this.
  13. I love that! I am horrible at trying to do anything special with my hair, so I just wear it in a ponytail all the time. But this doesn't look too complicated so maybe I will give it a try
  14. This is a super cute do that is fairly easy to accomplish, would be cute for first day of school, a daddy daughter dance, or for the holidays.
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