Working towards our 2013 Summer Swimming Goals with SwimWays #SwimSteps Gear

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Swim season has officially begun here in the Oh So Savvy Mom family!  The pool is open and we’ve already been once.  Ok, I’ll admit, it was pretty cold, but the boys had fun anyway.

Like I talked about last time, teaching my kids swimming and swim safety has always been very important to me.  In fact, it is a small point of frustration to me that my almost 6 year old doesn’t know how to swim yet.  He is close, but during the non-swim months every year there is a major regression.

Sea Squirts Swim Assist Shark VestThankfully, we received a box full of SwimWays swim gear to help my boys with their swimming progress! I can’t tell you how excited the boys were when they saw all the goodies in the box!  I was so happy they were so excited because I was a little nervous that, having never worn swim assisting gear before, they wouldn’t want to wear any of it.  They are super big into costumes so Big Brother calls the Sea Squirts Swim Assist Shark Vest his shark swim suit.


Little Brother calls his Swim Vest his whale swim suit.

 Little Brother in Swim VestHere he is “acting like a whale”.

We received a few other things to help the boys out with their swimming progress.  Right now Big Brother is on Step 3: Swim Training.  He is right on the brink of being able to swim on his own.  He is actually better at swimming underwater than above water.  Unfortunately he doesn’t yet know how to come up for air!  By the end of the summer I’m hoping that, with the help of the Sea Squirts Swim assist and the Power Swimr System he’ll learn to not only swim above water, but that he’ll also learn to come up for air independently.

Little Brother is in water exploration stage–Stage 2–right now.  He’s not our fearless fish like big brother, and often takes up to half an hour just to decide to get into the water.  I’m really hoping that his new Swim Vest (which he’s modeling above) and the Swim Sweater will help him develop a bit more confidence in the water.

As we get the chance to go swimming more I’ll keep you posted on how these SwimWays swimming helps help us achieve our summer swimming goals.


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  1. That shark vest is awesome! I really need to get my boys into swim class this summer.
    • It really is a cool vest. I didn't give a full review, but I love it because the flotation is only on the back of the vest to give kids who are almost swimming on their own just a little boost.
  2. Haha, that shark vest is pretty cool looking!
  3. I love the vest! We live on the water and always enroll our kids in swim class, I'd love the extra support from swim steps! I like that there's a variety of support for diff skill levels. Hadn't heard of them before, thanks for sharing!
  4. I love that photo of your son! He's adorable, especially in that vest!
  5. I hope it gives both you and the kids more confidence this summer season. You sure have the right gear for it!
  6. These look like great products and how cute is that picture! Glad to hear they like the gear!