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Disclosure: I received the follow shoes from UPERE for review purposes at no cost to myself. No monetary compensation was provided. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with shoes. And I mean OBSESSED! You wouldn’t know it by looking at my collection of flip flops that I wear these days, but back in my pre married days I had quite the collection of shoes. Sandals, heels, flats, wedge, platform, slingback’s sneakers and everything in between. I loved shoes. I even worked for a shoe company that did shoe parties once. That was an awesome job because I got a discount on shoes.

But now that I’m married and am chasing around 3 cute kiddos I seem to have gotten into a flip flop rut. That’s all I throw on as I run out the door, and I have to admit that I miss all the cute shoes!

There is one new trend in shoes that I have seen around everywhere.  The Wedge Sneaker.  UPERE, a new fashion brand, has some absolutely to die for wedge sneakers! Check out this adorable pair.


yellow shoes

And not only do they have wedge sneakers but they have a line of wedding shoes. Check out these amazing shoes! I would have loved to have these on my wedding day!



Upere is a new fashion brand established in 2012. They mainly specialize in producing high-end and trendy wedge shoes and wedge sneakers for women at different ages. As a family business, Upere draws upon its distinctive blend of experience, inspiration and knowledge in order to make a great achievement in the footwear industry. Besides, the production process of Upere is highly strict and meticulous. They promise to make wedges that can both show women’s inner beauty and be conductive to the health of your feet.

So of course when I heard about UPERE Wedge Sneakers I just knew I had to try them out! These are the UPERE Aster Wedge Sneakers Wuede Leather in Navy Blue and they retail for $249.00. Aren’t they to die for!


The ‘Aster’ wedge sneaker from UPERE is the featured product in their sneakers line this year. It has the hidden 2 inch heels, symbolic star and soft suede leather that makes them both cool and comfortable. They also have anti-slipping rubber sloes, oval toe cap and three Velcro straps making them easy to put on. They are perfect to pair with anything. Dresses, skirts, shorts, skinny jeans and leggings. I like to wear them with my skinny jeans rolled up into Capri’s.


Here are my thoughts on the wedge sneakers from UPERE.

I LOVED them! They are super cute, trendy and stylish. And surprisingly, they are not uncomfortable. They have a strap that goes around the ankle that holds your foot up so you don’t slide down, and it helps you to stabilize on them so you don’t roll your ankle.

I really think they would go with anything that you wanted to wear. I haven’t tried them out with skirts or shorts, but with the right outfit I think it could work. Also, they fit true to size. I wanted to get them in the next size up because I was worried about my toes hitting the end if my foot slipped down the heel at all but I’m glad I didn’t. I wear a size 7 in US and even with the conversion to the EU size they fit perfectly.

With that being said, they aren’t very practical with my crazy-mom-of-three-kids lifestyle. They are very easy to throw on, every bit as easy as my flip flops even. They are hard to wear on a walk to the park with the kids or out running errands while my daughter is at dance. But they are perfect for my monthly girls night out with my friends, and they are perfect to go out on a hot date with the hubby. I also really like that the wedge is hidden. It’s like wearing a pair of heels but I feel like my feet are more secure and safer in the sneaker.

So if you are in the market for the new latest trend or just love shoes as much as I do then you have got to check out the Wedge Sneakers from UPERE. You will love them! You can check them out online here or on their facebook page.

They also have twitter and pinterest accounts that will keep you updated on all the new wedge shoes!

Shoes range from $189 – 259 and they have Wedge Sneakers, Wedding Shoes and a new Sandal line. And right now they are offering our readers a special discount! Just use UPERE at check out for 15% your wedge sneakers. So head on over today and check them out!



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  1. Those are pretty funky! I don't think I have the balance to wear them.
  2. Thank you for loving our wedge sneakers so much. Hope you enjoy wearing them, best wishes to you.
    • Hi Darcy, will you please let me know what you know about them as far as being a fraud? I would love to order those sneakers, but for that hefty price tag, I need to know that I'm getting what's in the picture and not some cheap knock off.I emailed them and found them to be sketchy.Have you ever received your purchase and how did the shoes look? Any help would be appreciated, Mary
  3. Have you personally looked into this company UPERE? I recently made a purchase and have since discovered it is a fraudulent company. A scam website. Please look into it and do not endorse this company. I can give you more information if you want thanks
    • I've done as much of a search as I can and have not found anything about the company being fraudulent. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with them. We only speak from our experience with the company.
  4. Hi, I just wanted to reply to the comment above about the fraudulent company. I ordered some sneaker wedges from Upere and was really worried afterwards because I read your comment. I did, in fact, recently receive my shoes and I'm very happy with them! The company does indeed exist and they make these shoes to a nice high standard. Mine are very comfy and they look amazing. It is a company that will ship from China, however, and I also believe they are based there as my payment went to a China on paypal. I don't think this counts as being a fraudulent company but I can see how you might have been worried at first after making a payment if you expected the company to be based elsewhere. When I emailed them about my order it took a few days for them to get back to me but they did reply, and my worries were eased. The shoes took a while to reach me but I am really happy with the quality, the fit and how they look. I was really surprised as well with the comfort. They did smell a bit at first of some sort of protective spray or something but it has now worn off and they just smell of leather now. So I just wanted to reply just in case others, like me, read this comment and got worried. Upere is a legitimate company which will ship from China but the shoes are really nice. I have bought cheap shoes from China from other sites but what you will get from Upere will stand out in terms of quality.
  5. I ordered from Upere and they mailed me the wrong shoes. They will not let me return the shoes. So it's pretty much a scam. I'm so upset that they will not even reply to me.
    • Not letting you make a return doesn't mean they are a scam. Bad business practices, yes. Scam, no. If you have pursued all avenues to try to make your return and they won't budge you should contact the BBB.