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My family and I try to eat healthy, but there are times when you just need a meal–fast.  I pretty much loathe fast food burgers.  They taste less than great and they make me feel nasty afterwards.  I’ll take a loaded hoagie over a “burg” any day.  It has been several years since I met the hoagie sandwich love of my life.  I must have been a freshman in high school.  My dad introduced me, and it was love at first bite.


Mmm…The Subway Spicy Italian sub.  In those days I could pack a whole footlong sub (and then some) into my 5’6″ 120 lb frame.

After almost 20 years (eww, I’m old!) it’s still my favorite sandwich! But recently I strayed.  Yep, I did, and I’m not really sorry I did.

Subway sent me a gift card and encouraged me to try one of their new, limited-time offer FRESH FIT™ subs–the Smokehouse BBQ Chicken.  With just 380 calories and 6 grams of fat, these subs are both Smart and Saucy!  (They are quite high in sodium so make sure you take that into consideration if you are on a low sodium diet.)

Subway smokehouse BBQ Chicken

Well, let’s just say, I went. I tried. I loved! I’m a big fan of BBQ sandwiches anyway, and I enjoyed this one immensely.  The BBQ flavor was delicious! The pulled chicken was good quality.  It was overall a truly enjoyable lunch experience, as you can see in this picture my 3 year old took of me enjoying my sandwich…

Subway Smart N Saucy


One little tip before you go.  Our local Subway restaurant didn’t have the Smokehouse BBQ Chicken Sandwich on the menu, nor was it advertised anywhere in the restaurant.  Had I not gone in with the express purpose of ordering this sandwich I would have never known about it or experienced its yumminess.  So, if you visit Subway this month (May) and don’t see it on the menu, make sure you ask about it.

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Subway is giving one Smart and Saucy Oh So Savvy Mom reader a $25 gift card to Subway restaurants!

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  1. I love subway! The Black forest ham being a fave!