Bumbo Booster Seat for when your little kids are almost big kids

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Little Brother is 3 years old. And for a 3 year old he’s pretty big. Yet, until recently he was still sitting in a high chair booster at the dinner table. He still comfortably fit in the seat, but it simply wasn’t practical for use at out table. Because of the high arm rests we couldn’t scoot the chair all the way in. Hello mess! Crumbs all over the floor.

I became a loyal Bumbo fan 6 years ago when we got our first Bumbo Floor Seat for my oldest son. When I was browsing Bumbo Floor Seats for my 4 month old, I discovered that Bumbo also makes Booster Seats. I must live with my head in a box because I had no idea that Bumbo had all sorts of different products for kids!

Bumbo boosterseat

The Bumbo Booster Seat enables toddlers to be seated on an adult chair. The seat is made of the same soft material as the Bumbo Floor Seat. The Bumbo Booster seat is ergonomically designed to provide comfort, while the restraint belt and attachment straps helps to keep your child safely in place. This handy seat is ideal for feeding, teaching and general interaction with your child. Available in a wide variety of colours.

Little Brother was sooo excited about his new booster seat. Because he is so big and has been getting in and out of his chair independently for over a year now we don’t fasten the three point buckle. I’m very glad that it has a 3 point buckle though because we will use it when Baby Brother is old enough for the booster.

The Bumbo Booster Seat is tall enough to give little kids the boost they need to reach the table, but has a low enough profile to fit easily under the table, even those that have drop down molding around the bottom of the table top. Hurray for fewer crumbs!
The last feature I want to point out that I really like are the dual attachment straps. Straps attach both around the back and under the chair for a secure seat.

Bumbo Booster Seat Attachment Straps


You can purchase the Bumbo Booster Seat ($35.99 retail price) at Target stores and online at Target.com.

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  1. I like the look of this so much better than the booster we have for my son now. And it looks so smooth and easy to clean. The one we have now is so annoying to get food out of all the cracks and crevices.
  2. Betty Baez says
    i like it! ive seen ones like this that are 50$+ i like that this one is reasonably priced