Wrap Around French Braid – Hair Tutorial

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Wrap Around French Braid Tutorial

Wrap around french braid tutorial

I would have to say that this wrap around french braid is my favorite and my most go-to hair-do. It’s quick and easy and looks super adorable!

If any of you out there don’t know how to do a french braid, they are very easy to do. At first they may seem complicated, but with practice they are so easy to whip out. The basic idea of it is just like a three stranded braid. To do a braid you just cross the right strand over the middle strand and then you cross the left strand over the middle strand. Then repeat. For the french braid, before you cross the right strand over pick up a little section of hair that is lying down on the right hand side and include it in your right strand braid. Then you cross it over into the middle just like a braid. Then you do the same thing on the left. I hope that makes sense.

So to begin the Wrap Around French Braid just part your daughter’s hair on either side of her face.

Then you will take a section from the part and take it on down to her ear.

From here you will divide this into the 3 strands for your braid.

Now just cross the right strand of hair over into the middle and then the left strand over into the middle

From here you will start the French Braid.  When you take your strands make sure you are taking them in an up and down section.  This will turn the braid on its side as you go around her head.

Then you can turn and go around the backside.

Once you get almost to her other ear you will have a large chunk of hair left over.  Just pick it up and include it in a pony tail.

Then secure with an elastic.

Spray with hairspray and add a flower or bow and your done!

Wrap around french braid tutorial

If you want you can continue the braid all the way to the ends if you prefer.  Also this looks great on any age.  I have done this braid on my friend for her family pictures and also for one of the teenagers in our neighborhood for a school dance.  So cute, fast and fun!

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  1. Great job! Now, if you have tips for getting a squirmy girl to sit still through the braiding then I will be set.
    • Kate Southwick says
      When my daughter was really little I would bribe her with her favorite show on tv. She would always sit still for Curious George! (bad mommy confession but it was only for a few minutes!) My friend also does her daughters hair while they eat breakfast. They apparently sit still while eating!
  2. love that, it is so pretty! you make it look so easy!
  3. That turned out so pretty! I'd love to try this on my daughter's hair, I think she'd love it!
  4. I have never had straight hair of my own or in one of my kids to do this very well. Yours came out so neat and tidy. My never does because of the waves!
  5. That looks so pretty. As much as I love having boys, it would be fun to braid hair one day! She is adorable!
  6. Christina Kelbel says
    that is cute. I always wanted to know how to do one of these.thanks for posting
  7. Susan Johnson says
    This is such a beautiful braid. I feel deprived of a braid-ful childhood because my mom never learned to braid hair, and I have always had and still have incredibly beautiful hair! I actually hadn't learned how to braid hair until I went to cosmetology school! Now I just need a daughter!
  8. Thanks for this tutorial..my daughter is always wanting to do different things with her hair.
  9. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing this with us!
  10. That is so pretty. Your daughter looks beautiful with her hair like that :)
  11. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says
    Beautiful! I can see why this your favorite (though I'm having a bit of a hard time believing that any hairdo THAT lovely could possibly be EASY to pull off! (YOU did a gorgeous job of it.) I normally don't even consider a hairdo that I can't handle all by myself ~ but I do have a friend who is very good as this sort of thing so I might give a go (as long as she doesn't want a mani-pedi in return! Thanks. They're all wonderful ~ but this one is truly "Wonderful, Wonderful!" Thank you ~ and Happy New Year!