Is baby in the mood for food? Joovy Boob baby bottle – Review

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When Joovy came out with their new Joovy Boob baby bottle they asked their Joovy Moms and Dads for volunteers to give the new bottle a whirl.  I was interested, but it was with a little hesitation that I volunteered.  You see, I was so nervous that if I introduced baby to a bottle with a normal (albeit, slow flow) nipple that he’d give up breastfeeding altogether.  But I was also eager to find a bottle that Baby would accept, but without all the choking and air swallowing that we’d been experiencing with the bottle we’d been using.

Joovy Boob

Baby Brother is primarily breastfed, but at the early age of 6 weeks I found myself having to supplement with formula.  We started out using the Medela Calma bottle, but, although Baby Brother was able to latch onto the nipple well, the flow of milk was erratic and too fast when he’d suck.  He was constantly choking and swallowing air.  I had some NUK bottles from when Little Brother was a baby, but Baby Brother flat out refuses the NUK pacifiers so we didn’t even go there with the bottle.

It was during one day of extremely frustrating attempts at breastfeeding that I threw up my arms in exhaustion and offered baby some formula in the Joovy Boob baby bottle.  This was the first time Baby Brother had ever wrapped his little lips around the Joovy Boob bottle nipple. Would he take it?  Would he reject the breast after he took it??………


So what makes the Joovy Boob bottles different than other brands on the market?

Let’s start with the nipple:

The Boob nipple design reduces “nipple confusion” allowing babies to properly latch and suckle from the bottle so busy moms can easily switch from breast-to-bottle and bottle-to-breast.  The nipples are made to European standards and are baked to maintain consistent softness and to help prevent nipple collapse.

The vent system is unique to any other baby bottle I’ve seen:

The Boob’s CleanFlow® Vent is simple, and high tech at the same time.  The one-piece vent ring is extremely easy to clean and you don’t need to touch the sanitized silicone sleeve when assembling the bottle. The quad vent allows for consistent venting regardless of how the bottle is held. Venting reduces colic and inner ear infections by eliminating the vacuum created in a sealed feeding system.  The CleanFlow® Vent is notched to fit perfectly in the Boob Baby Bottle’s wide neck and this design eliminates over and/or under tightening reducing leaks and maintaining consistent flow rates.

Joovy also makes important accessories for the Boob like the breast pump adapter and the Boob Insulator (which I did not review).

Joovy Boob breast pump adapters


……It was with complete relief that Baby Brother not only took to the Joovy Boob, but he took to it quickly–it took him about two minutes to figure it out–and he has never had any trouble transitioning from breast to bottle.   In fact, one of the things I love most about the Joovy Boob is that it promotes a nice wide latch.  Baby Brother’s latch has actually improved since he started using the Joovy Boob.  Whether this is a product of using the Joovy Boob or simply because he has aged a few weeks, I’m not sure.

The other thing that was a concern to us with bottle feeding is that Baby Brother has reflux.  Swallowing lots of air while bottle feeding seriously aggravates his reflux and he ends up spitting up a lot.  Out of all the bottles we’ve ever used with our boys, the Joovy Boob has had the most reliable vent system!  I’m so excited about this.  The cool CleanFlow® Vent makes it so the nipple NEVER collapses and the flow of milk always remains steady.  Hurray for less spit-ups!

The Joovy Boob Bottle is available in two bottle materials that offer different features as well as price points; high quality PP (polypropylene) and ultra premium PPSU (polyphenylsulfone).  Both materials are BPA, lead, and phthalate free.  Both bottle types are dishwasher safe.  I usually just clean the bottles by hand though.  The wide neck of the bottle makes for easy and quick cleaning.  Though the vent ring detaches for cleaning it is easy to keep track of and I don’t mind one extra bottle piece.

*Update 9/12/15: So, we ended up exclusively using the Joovy Boob bottles for my breast and bottle fed little man. He loved his boob bottles and used the two bottles seen in the picture for an entire year before graduating to the Joovy Dood sippy cups.

Joovy Boob bottles come in 5 oz and 9 oz size and start at $9.99 for bottles and $3.99 for accessories and additional bottle nipples.


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  1. I just might have to go and buy some of these bottles. My baby has acid reflux too and these bottles sound like they are doing well for you, so maybe they will for my baby too? Thanks for the honest review!
  2. These look wonderful! I am always worried about nipple confusion!
  3. I love the boob! And I <3 Joovy :) Glad your little one took it without a problem. My 2 kids are both breastfed and both had bottles on occasion, too.
  4. Sounds like Joovy did a great job with the Boob design! I love that they have attachments for pumping too--love pro-breastfeeding companies!
  5. These look awesome! I've only offered Liam a bottle once and he thought it was just a mama milk flavored teething toy. lol I wonder if the design of these would help him be more interested in actually drinking from a bottle.
  6. This design looks like it would work well for breastfeeding babies. Bella never would take a bottle, but I will have to try these with our next baby.
  7. Hi., I saw these joovy boob bottles at a local store I go to. I am a breastfeeding mom but because of latching issues I pump and bottle. Yes I pump and bottle. I wanted a bottle that could help have an easy transition from bottle to boob. There is a lot of us out there that are having latching issues once a baby has either gotten used to nipple or bottle and cannot transition between both. As I was on my search I saw these being marketed and after doing some research bough two bottles for my new born. I'm warning you these bottles are a little pricey and I was super hesitant. Well... in the beginning I had some major issues with the slow flow 0 bottles they were constantly leaking at feeding times and would not heat milk very. I emailed the company Joovy right away and told them the issues with the bottles I had. The company right away fixed it and sent me knew bottles with insulators. They were amazing the company is very customer friendly. Well now using the new Joovy bottles We love them. The insulator keeps the milk warm for a very long period of time when your on the go which saves space in your bag. The nipple of the bottles are designed to make easy latching from bottle to nipple so if your training your baby this bottle is for you my baby now has no problem latching on because of the bottle. Also the bottle heats up easily and the best part is my baby is less gassy because of the design of the bottle to eliminate/reduce gas. I was very reluctant about these bottles but with great customer service and a second attempt we love them.
    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the Joovy Boob. I know all about pumping and bottle feeding, I did that with my 1st son. Sending you hugs and stamina, LOL.