I made the team! The SwimWays® Swim Steps™ Swim Team! + Coupon for you

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I love summer.  I grew up in San Diego, how could I not love summer? I’m not looking forward to the extreme heat and humidity of Louisiana, but I am looking forward to lots of afternoons at the pool!

SWSSBadgeFinalExposing my kids to water, swimming, and water safety has always been very important to me.  We started my oldest in swim lessons when he was just 18 months old.  So when I was contacted and asked if I’d like to be a SwimWays Swim Team I knew it was the perfect fit for our family.

Swimways, the leading manufacturer of pool toys, games, and floats for over 40 years, introduced the Swim Steps program as a way for parents to teach their children one of life’s most important skills – how to swim. Through an easy to follow, three stage program, Swim Steps products help children develop swimming skills and gain confidence in the water.

As a SwimWays Swim Steps Swim Team blogger I’ll receive SwimWays products as well as materials and guidance to help teach my boys to swim.  I, in turn, will be able to share those tips and our swimming progress with you!

Right now Big Brother is on the brink of being able to swim on his own.  He’s always been a little fish, and has never been afraid to be under the water.  He’s (almost) a natural at swimming underwater.  If we can just teach him how to come up for air we’ll be good. 🙂

Big Brother swimming

Big Brother at 13 months old.

And because my boys are polar opposites in almost every way, Little Brother is completely afraid of the water.  Anything larger than a bathtub is suspicious to him.  Thankfully, he’ll let mom and dad hold him in the water, but he’s a big boy and we won’t be able to do that for much longer without looking a little ridiculous.

Then there’s the baby.  Well, if bath time is any indication (it was for my other two boys) then we’ve got another little fish on our hands.  I guess we’ll see how he does pretty soon.  Our community pool opens next week!  Just in time for the expected 85+ degree weather!

This may be a bit shocking for those of you having cold weather, but it’s almost time to hit the pool!!! Wohoo!!!

To help you get outfitted for this swim season SwimWays gave me this $5 off coupon just for you!

Click the picture to download the coupon.

Swimways coupon


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  1. My kids love the water as well! Once my son got over having his face wet he was all good. Congrats on being a swimways ambassador. That should come in handy with your little fishies. :)
  2. Ever since I moved from Phoenix Arizona to Seaside Oregon, I haven't had as much motivation to go swimming. I'm mostly trying to stay warm. I miss it though and I sure did a lot of swimming as a kid.
  3. How awesome! We just got a letter from our HOA that the pool is opening soon. I can't wait. Thanks for the coupon because this will definitely come in handy since I don't have any swim stuff for my toddler yet. Oh, I can't wait for swim season and the fun toys!
  4. How fun! My guy is not quite a fish - but some day...
  5. I had one who was a fish and one who STILL isn't!
  6. My girls enjoy swimming and I love to see their progress each year.
  7. So cute. Love that pic! Hope you enjoy the Swim Team! :)
  8. how fun! enjoy it
  9. My little guy is such a swimmer! He loves the water.
  10. I grew up on the Oregon coast and can't remember a summer spent out of the water. Both my kids have grown up like little fish so when I remarried and discovered that my stepson had never been to the ocean I just could not imagine a life without knowing and loving water. We will be remedying this over the summer, I don't know who is more excited about his first trip to the beach....me or him :0) I'm so excited for the season kick off!!