Girly Hairdo Tutorial – Triple Flip Ponytails

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This hairdo is really quick and easy to do but it looks super adorable.  I call it a Triple Flip Pony Tails just becuase of how I do the pony’s.  You can do this hairdo with the topsy tail tool or you can try with out.  (my friend never uses one and her flip pony’s are adorable!)  This is what a topsy tail is if you don’t remember them from when you where younger.
My sister found this one for me at the Rite Aid by her or I’ve seen them on Amazon for fairly cheap.  I do a lot of hairdo’s with the topsy tail so it was worth going out and buying one for me.
So to start this hairdo I make a long rectangle shape on the top of her head and then I pull whats left over back into a pony tail so it’s out of my way.
Then I divide this top section into thirds.  I start with the first section and I smooth it over into a side ponytail.
And secure with an elastic
Then I do this two more times so I have three side pony’s.  You could really do this as many times as you liked.  2, 3, 4…  I just like how an odd number looks so that is why I do three.


Now is the fun part with the topsy tail.  You get your tool out and with the pointy stick you start at the top of the pony tail and poke it through to the bottom.


Then you pick up the hair that is hanging out of the pony tail.  You feed it through the hole


And you pull the topsy tail through the pony tail


And this is what you get!


Then you repeat that on the other two pony tails and your done!

So cute!  Now you can take out the pony tail that was holding up your extra hair and brush it smooth.  You could than curl the ends with a curling iron or just leave them straight.  Simple and easy but it looks super cute!

Instructions with out a topsy tail tool

Now you can still do these flip pony’s even if you don’t have a tool.  All you have to do is make your pony tails a little looser so they aren’t tight to your daughters head.  Then you take your pinky and make a whole in the middle of your pony tail.  Then you can grab the hair and pull it through.  (It is easier if you grab the hair close to the elastic rather than at the end of the pony tail) I have tried it this way and it is harder but if you practice it will get easier to do and they will look just as cute.



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  1. That is so beautiful!! Very feminine, I love it!
  2. nice hairstyle and it looks very pretty.
  3. This is so cute and I think it would even look good on an adult or teen. Thank you for sharing!