Indulge without guilt! Whole Fruit Sorbet – Review

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Have you ever sat down and eaten an entire pint of ice cream?  Well just this week my husband and I sat down to try out the new frozen dessert from Whole Fruit Sorbet and finished off a whole pint between the two of us!  I couldn’t believe it!  But once we opened the Mango Sorbet we could not stop!  It was that delicious!  It was so smooth, creamy and flavorful and maybe a little addictive!

Some say you can’t have it all but I think Whole Fruit wanted to prove them wrong.  They created a taste so creamy and flavorful and you would never believe that it is naturally fat free but it is!  It is packed with more natural fruit flavor than ice cream, and each bite bursts with the intense taste of fruit.  They come in five delicious flavor’s:

  • Mango
  • Lemon
  • Black Cherry
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry

My favorite by far was the Mango.  It was so delicious!  The Raspberry and Strawberry where really good too.  The Black Cherry had nice chunks that were yummy.  Lemon was my least favorite.  It was WAY to sour for my liking but my husband actually really liked it.  Overall I really liked the Whole Fruit Sorbet.  The taste is amazing, and I really like that they are naturally fat free.  Here are the ingredients for the Mango Sorbet:


That’s it!  No crazy ingredients.  And it is low in calories.  In one serving there is 150 calories.  There are 4 servings in each container.  So, not too bad unless you’re like my husband and I. Then it’s gone before you know it!

Buy It:

Whole Fruit Sorbet’s average retail is $3.50 but you might see it differently depending on different stores.  But check them out online and on their facebook page.  Check here to find a location near you that sells Whole Fruit.  They even have a coupon you can print off just look for it under the “offers” tab.

I was provided the above mentioned products by the company, at no cost to myself in order for my honest opinions.

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  1. Goodness that sounds good!!! Thanks for sharing I will be on the lookout for these!