Travel Guest Post: Nightlife in Brighton, UK – A blast by the beach

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Brighton Pier

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The UK is famous for its many unique, unpretentious and welcoming seaside resorts, but arguably the best of all is Brighton. Lying on the south coast, it has everything anyone could possibly wish for at any time of day: shops, a historic pier, cafes, restaurants, bars and cultural attractions, but what makes Brighton stand out is its nightlife.

When the sun goes down…

Brighton is one of the most vibrant places in the UK at night. When you’re ready for a night out without the kids, there’s something to cater for everyone’s tastes. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, you could do worse than visit the Evening Star pub on Surrey Street.

For something a little more modern, Riki Tik is a great place to visit during the day as well as the night. Opening as a family-friendly coffee shop, it then becomes a pre-nightclub venue serving great cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere.

Turning it up a notch

After dinner, you can step things up a little. There are a variety of clubs that play the usual hit songs and dance music, but the best here is Audio, a cutting-edge venue for younger people.

When in Brighton, you might wonder what you may find in terms of places to stay. Before I choose a destination, I think about accommodation and whether I can find any great offers. Thankfully, I found discounts online for four and five star hotels that cater for families, which is great.


Staying by the sea

Brighton, UK

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Being so popular with tourists, there are so many places to stay in Brighton. Motel Schmotel is one of the cheaper hotels, and is perfect for couples. However, family-friendly hotels are what I’m after, and The Neo, although more expensive, is spacious and comforting enough to accommodate me, my husband and the kids!

Having fun with the kids is also important on holiday (or “vacation”, as you Americans say!), but that’s not a problem at this seaside resort. The beach alone means that, when it’s warm during the summer, we can head to the shore, have a little swim and catch a few rays! If that’s not enough, Brighton Pier’s got plenty of fun things for the kids, while there are plenty of amusement arcades where they can play games for hours on end.



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  1. Brighton looks like a fantastic place to visit for any number of reasons. I will have to make a stop there in 2014. The rides at the end of the pier would have to be my first stop.
  2. Beautiful place to stay and enjoy. I would love to explore here. The pictures look so pretty.