Girly Hairdo Tutorial – 3 Rope Braids Tutorial

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3 Rope Braids Tutorial
I have two daughters, and although my baby doesn’t have enough hair to do much with yet, I have been doing my 5 year old daughters hair from the time I could get it into a pony tail. I just love doing her hair and creating new do’s.
She attends dance 4 days out of a week and has to have it pulled up out of her face so I get lots of practice time with pony tails and braids. I get bored with the same plain hair do so I try to mix it up sometimes. This hair do is a fun one I’ve been doing lately. You can do different variations of it too! I call it 3 Rope Braids.

First off, I start by squirting her hair with a squirt bottle and making sure it is all combed through and smooth.  Then I part her hair across her head from ear to ear using a comb.  I leave the top half down and I secure the bottom half with an elastic just to keep it out of the way.

Next I have her face me and I part the top part of her hair into a pony tail and secure it with a hair elastic.

Now it is easy to just pick up each side and secure into pony tails.  Keep your comb nearby so you can easily comb it up smoothly into a pony tail.

This next part is the rope braids.  If you would rather just do a plain three stranded braid just do that.  But each pony tail will be braided.  So on the first pony tail divide it into two strands.  You will twist the strand in your right hand clockwise towards 3 o’clock.  Twist it a few times tightly.

Now you will cross it over the top of the strand in your left hand and you will switch them so the twisted strand is now in your left hand.

You now repeat those steps.  Twist the strand in your right hand clockwise then you cross it over to your left hand.  (counter crosswise)  Do this tell you reach the bottom and secure with an elastic.

Do this rope braid to the remaining two pony tails.  Now just pull all the hair up into a pony tail.  (the loose hair on the bottom and the 3 rope braids.) You can do a side pony, top pony or a bottom pony tail.

3 Rope Braids hair tutorial

Spray with hairspray and add a flower or bow and your done! Your daughter will look beautiful in her 3 rope braids!

3 rope braids ponytail tutorial
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  1. That is an adorable way to keep her hair out of her face!
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  11. I love to try new ways to style my little girl's hair. never tried "ropes"! I avoid hair spray by using a dabble of coconut oil as a "gel" works and smells beautifully!
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    I love this look, I am glad my daughters hair is finally growing back out from a shorter style, I think she would love this.
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