Flexible Spending Accounts can save your family up to 40%

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Health care “shopping” can be great if you know your way around. But it can also be a little overwhelming because of the sheer number of options available to you. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) can offer relief from increasing health care costs because these benefit plans rely on pre-tax money for qualified health expenses.

Not only can you save on FSA eligible products, but an FSA also gives you access to health care services and thousands of everyday products such as sunscreen, contact lens solution, band-aids, heat wraps, breast pumps, and baby care.

Each FSA plan year, employers take money out of your paychecks based on how much you choose to set aside. Beginning in 2013, FSA plan contributions are limited to $2,500 per person. Before you get an FSA, it is vital to calculate how much you want to spend using your FSA.


Because FSAs are “use it or lose it” any money unspent is forfeited when your plan year ends. Some employers provide a grace period – or an extension of coverage – up to two and a half months. One big deadline coming up is March 15.

FSAstore.com is a one-stop-shop stocked exclusively with thousands of FSA-eligible products, a national provider database and a Learning Center that answers FSA-related questions. You can save on FSA-eligible products throughout the year with FSA Store’s special offers. Check these out before your grace period ends on March 15.


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  1. Interesting! We've never done an FSA. Perhaps we should really look into it!
  2. This is sounds like a great plan and I'll have to look into setting one up for ourselves.
  3. I honestly don't know if we have one or not - perhaps I should ask my hubs!!
  4. We underestimated our health spending and didn't save as much as we could have... Hopefully we'll get it right one of these years! :)
  5. Loved our flexible spending account for things like dental cleanings and glasses when my husband and I were employed elsewhere. Now that he works for the family farm we don't have the same option. If careers ever changed, I would do it again in a heartbeat!
  6. This is something that I have really been thinking about starting for my family.
  7. I'm a huge fan of FSA plans, great site, thanks! We've been taking time to calculate out our yearly spending and it makes a big difference with an FSA. :)
  8. Thanks for the great reminder. I have to get the FSA paperwork in!
  9. We have used an FSA for years now and it really helps us out. The only bad thing about it is how the money not used can't be turned over into the next year. If they would change this I am sure many more people would use them. But if your family is pretty healthy, it can be hard to predict how much they will spend on health care in one year.
  10. OMgoodness! We have some of that use it or lose it funds that we are about to lose! I had no idea that such a store existed!!! I am totally going to find out how I can use our's on the site! Yay!!
  11. thanks for the information. we have to look into this some more. This will definitely come in handy when you need pay some high healthcare costs/fees. thanks for sharing.