Boba Carrier 3G #OperationBabyShower Sponsor Spotlight

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After lugging around an infant car seat with my first two kids I swore that next time around I’d wear my baby more often.  I began to take note of the style and brand of baby carriers moms I saw were using.  Last year, while at the grand opening of Go Baby Go Shop in San Antonio, I eavesdropped on a conversation about baby carriers.  The women were singing the praises of the Boba.  I made a mental note.


As a part of Operation Baby Shower The Husband and I have had the opportunity to review the Boba 3G carrier!

Boba Carrier 3G

Because I wanted my husband to wear our baby in the Boba I had him pick out the color.  I would have loved to have one of the beautiful prints the Boba comes in, but my husband didn’t want to be sporting a pink or purple baby carrier.  What a guy! 😉  He opted for the sporty looking, gray and black, Glacier Boba.

The Boba 3G is a 100% cotton, soft structured carrier.  Designed for use from birth to toddler (or even preschool) age the carrier accommodates children 7-45 lbs.  Packed with tons of great features the Boba 3G is a favorite among baby wearing parents.

Here are just a few of my favorite features:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Front and back carry options
  • Adjustable sleeping hood, adjusting in length to fit growing babies
  • Comfortably fits heights 5’0” – 6’3”
  • Waistband range: 25” – 58”
  • Patent-pending removable foot straps
  • Elastic bands neatly roll up straps
  • Shoulder strap holders keep purses and diaper bags in place
  • Uniquely designed to “hug” your child
  • Converts to an infant carrier without an insert
  • Extra head support adjustments for infants
  • Body of carrier rises 2-3” higher than other brands
  • Multiple pockets for on-the-go storage

We began wearing Baby Brother in the Boba when he was in the 7 lb. range.  It was extremely easy to convert the carrier into an infant carrier–you just snap the waistband up and adjust one of the buckles.  Since then both The Husband and I have worn Baby Brother in the Boba while out and about.

Here is The Husband wearing Baby Brother, just 3 weeks old and in the 7 lb range, in the Boba

Dad wearing Boba

This is my go-to carrier for the grocery store.  The raised infant head support is a wonderful feature that allows me to bend over to grab items I need without my having to completely support my baby.  Also, super handy for when you’re shopping, the Boba has a special strap on the shoulder strap that allows you to strap your purse onto your shoulder.  I can just snap my diaper bag onto my shoulder and focus all my attention on my kids and my grocery shopping.  I don’t have to worry about my bag constantly slipping off or sacrificing much needed grocery cart space for my bag.

The Boba 3G carrier is designed to “hug” your child.  It does a wonderful job of it too!  Baby Brother falls asleep within just a couple minutes of being put in the Boba.  I haven’t used the sleep hood yet because I like to be able to look down and check to make sure Baby Brother is positioned so he can breathe properly–he tends to bury his face in my chest.

Not only is the Boba carrier designed for baby and child’s comfort, it is also extremely comfortable for parent.  The waist band is thick and supportive and helps to distribute baby’s weight so my shoulders and back don’t get fatigued.  The chest strap, which buckles in the back when you’re wearing your child in the front keeps the carrier properly positioned for optimal comfort.

Before I wrap up, I just want to point out a huge benefit of the Boba.  Because it is so comfortable, versatile, and supportive the Boba allows you the freedom to leave the stroller at home!  I haven’t given up my stroller all together, but the Boba certainly allows me the freedom to ditch the stroller and comfortably wear my baby even on long outings!  I love it!  The Husband and I are looking forward to wearing Baby Brother in his Boba over the next couple years!

The Boba 3G retails starting at $120.

You can read more about the Boba 3G and it’s features at  Make sure to like and follow Boba on Facebook and twitter.

Finally, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!! to Boba for being an Operation Baby Shower Sponsor!  Boba generously donated a Boba 3G to help a military family in need!  I would love for your help in thanking Boba for their participation in this event!  Please, help me say thank you by retweeting the message below or by posting a quick thank you on the Boba Facebook page.

Disclosure: I was provided with the above-mentioned product, at not cost to myself, for review purposes. All opinions expressed are honest and are my own.


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  1. I have a Boba and love it! It's the one I use the most, out of all my carriers, because of how simple it is to get on and get baby in it. My husband even uses it!
  2. Wow, I totally want one of these! They look so convenient. :) Hubby wants one too!
  3. My husband loved wearing our girls were they were little. Wish I had known about Boba carriers back then - it looks like a really great product!
  4. I never used a Boba, but after knowing what they have done for Operation Baby Shower, I'd definitely check them out if I ever had another baby. Thanks, Boba, from a military spouse. You are awesome!
  5. The thick, wide straps are really nice. I like this tie-in that helps too!
  6. Matt Stringham says
    I love these! I want one so badly!
  7. joanna garcia says
    love that it hugs the baby and the height and sizes that it covers for all ranges of adult body types!
  8. Bekah Kuczenski says
    I love that it converts to an infant carrier without an insert!
  9. I love my Boba! I used a Moby wrap with my first kiddo, but this time around it is the Boba all the way. So easy to use and I love the way that he fits in it.