Baby Gear Must-have Alert! JJ Cole Collections Changing Clutch – #OperationBabyShower Sponsor Spotlight

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It’s functional, fashionable, and inexpensive.  It is also my favorite baby gear items for my diaper bag!

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JJ Cole Collections‘ new Changing Clutch is wonderful! No longer do I have to parade through a restaurant, church, or wherever we are on my way to the bathroom carrying a diaper and wipes–or lugging my entire diaper bag.  Not that being discreet with diaper changing is high on my mom priority list, but if I can feel stylish while doing my mom duties all the better.

JJ Cole Changing Clutch Prints

The JJ Cole Collection Changing Clutch comes in three chic prints; Stone Arbor, Silver Drop, and Mixed Leaf.  The clutch has a special pocket that fits a slim wipes case and 3 diapers, or 1-2 cloth diapers.  It unfolds into an ample 19 x 28 inch changing pad.

Oh, Changing Clutch, where were you when I had my first two boys?  I can’t tell you how many times I’d forget to replenish one of my diaper changing components in the diaper bag!  With the Changing Clutch the diaper, wipes, and changing pad are all together making it much easier to keep track of when I run out of something.  If I happen to take my clutch out to use somewhere I don’t have to worry about forgetting to put something back.  I simply fold the changing clutch back up (with my diaper changing supplies already in it) and toss it back in my diaper bag.

JJCole Changing clutch

The Changing Clutch has been particularly wonderful for those public restroom changing tables.  Is this scene familiar to you? You unfold your little changing mat. hoping it is big enough to protect your little one from the germ infested changing table.  You begin to change your kicking baby, and before you know it you are performing some kind of strange circus act, trying to catch the diapers and wipes with one hand before they fall to the ground while securing baby to the germy table with the other hand.  I can’t tell you how nice it is not to have to do that anymore.  My diapers and wipes are secure in their little pocket attached to the generously sized changing mat.

The JJ Cole Collections Changing Clutch retails for $19.95 and can be purchased at a variety of retailers.

You can find JJ Cole Collections on facebook and twitter.

Win It!

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Finally, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!! to JJ Cole Collections for being an Operation Baby Shower Sponsor! JJ Cole Colections donated a Changing Clutch to a military family in need!  I would love for your help in thanking JJ Cole Collections for their participation in this event!  Please, help me say thank you by retweeting the message below or by posting a quick thank you on the JJ Cole Collections Facebook page.

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  1. joanna garcia says
    i love the styles they have and how functional it is
  2. Bekah Kuczenski says
    I love how compact this is! This would be perfect for quick trips rather than dragging a big diaper bag around!
  3. meegan whitford says
    I just love the looks of this its so compact and love the prints