Why buy disposable nursing pads when you can wear Bamboobies? #OperationBabyShower Sponsor Spotlight

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When my 2nd son was born I made the switch to cloth diapers.  In my search for more information on cloth diapering how to’s I discovered something I’d never heard about before–washable, reusable nursing pads.  I immediately embraced the idea of eliminating one more wasteful thing from our lives.

When it actually came down to using the washable nursing pads, however, I was less than impressed.  They showed quite obviously through my clothing, and though they were made from several layers of cotton they leaked.  Now, part of this, I discovered later, was user error.  I had been using Lansinoh to soothe my cracked nipples. Lansinoh is not cloth friendly and cut down on the absorbency of my nursing pads.  Still, I would have felt much more comfortable wearing something with a waterproof backing to prevent leak through.

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Then, recently I began hearing about a new company that makes hemp bamboo nursing pads.  Their unforgettable name, “Bamboobies”, their cute heart shape, and their thin design had nursing moms singing praises.  I decided that I needed to give them a try and see if they worked as well as some said.


Bamboobies are made of 3 layers: an ultra absorbent hemp core locks milk in, a silky soft top layer of bamboo cotton velour, and a “milk proof” outer layer.

I love the bright colors of the Bamboobies nursing pads, but was a little concerned that they’d show through my clothes.  While I haven’t worn any thin white t-shirts yet, I haven’t had any show through problems.  And that includes actual pad show through.  The trim heart shape design allows me to wear nursing pads without screaming to the world that I’m wearing them.

With this baby my “MER” (milk ejection reflex) is quite a bit more subdued than with my last.  Thankfully, when my milk lets down the most leakage I experience is a steady drip for a few minutes.  Because Bamboobies are so absorbent, on my leakiest of times I’ve only had about a 3/4 inch circular area of wetness on my nursing pad.  It is so nice not to have to worry about leak through when I’m out and about.

Finally, having tried several brands of disposable nursing pads I can safely say that Bamboobies are, hands down, the most comfortable nursing pads I’ve ever worn.  The bamboo cotton velour on top is genius!  Every nursing mom deserves to have something so soft against her delicate skin.



Bamboobies are sold in various quantities and start at just $16.99 (for 2 pair).  You can purchase a Value Pack of regular absorbency breast pads for only $39.99.  I loved my Bamboobies so much I just bought an extra couple pair yesterday.  Also, for just a few more days (until 2/14/13) you can get an almost FREE pair of Bamboobies($.01 plus $2.95 shipping) of Bamboobies! Simply add one of the “Freebies” to your cart. Limit one per customer.

Finally, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!! to Bamboobies for being an Operation Baby Shower Sponsor!  Bamboobies is donating a Bamboobies multi-pack to a military family in need!  I would love for your help in thanking Bamboobies for their participation in this event!  You can help me say thank you by retweeting the message below or by posting a quick thank you on Bamboobies’ Facebook page.

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  1. They sound awesome! I have some on the way and I'm excited to try them. I was also using disposables before but the cost adds up quickly. I'd much rather just throw them in the wash and reuse.
  2. Bamboobies are great. I have several pairs and they work so much better than others I've tried.
  3. joanna garcia says
    i love bamboobies!! THEY ARE SO SOFT AND THE BEST!!! !
  4. Bekah Kuczenski says
    With my 1st baby I never knew reusable breast pads exsisted so I spent so much $ on disposables :( I am due with baby #2 in September and this time around I want yo use reusable breast pads!
  5. I thank you for this review. I am plan on breatfeeding when this little one comes in June. This sounds like a great product and would allow me to save money.