Can you do the 1 wiper diaper change? Review and Giveaway!

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I’ve changed a lot of diapers folks.  I’d probably done almost 2,000 diaper changes even before I had children of my own.  That’s some pretty good diaper changing experience, I’d say.

Though I can’t say it was my mad diaper changing skillz that made my husband fall in love with me, he certainly was impressed that I could change the messiest of diapers using just one baby wipe.  I’ve seen parents go through as many as 4 wipes for one diaper change, and I’m here to say that that kind of wastefulness is simply not necessary.

The secret to the 1-wiper diaper is two-fold.  You’ve got to know how to fold the wipe just right so you’ve always got a clean side to swipe with.  And secondly, you’ve need a quality wipe.  There is a certain popular brand, I won’t mention by name that fails the 1-wiper diaper challenge every time.  They simply aren’t thick enough to do the job with just one wipe.

A great baby wipe must have 4 key elements:

  1. Generous size
  2. Moderately thick
  3. Slightly textured
  4. Gentle feel

You all know our family is trying to scale back the amount of chemicals and harmful additives we bring into our household.  We even consider health and environment when choosing the wipes we use for our baby.

Baby-Wipes-New-256Seventh Generation’s new and improved Free & Clear Baby Wipes combine gentle, cloth-like performance with the thickness you need to wipe away little (and big) messes. In their redesigned wipes they have reduced plastic use by 70% through the use of plant materials. The new larger size helps reduce waste as one wipe now does the work of two or three. As always, Seventh Generation baby wipes are free of alcohol, dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens and phthalates.

Seventh Generation sent me some of their new and improved baby wipes to try.  I hadn’t ever tried their previous version so I can’t tell you my opinion of the differences there.  I can tell you, though that these stand up against the most popular brand name baby wipes out there.  In fact, as far as thickness and strength go, these are the strongest and thickest baby wipes I’ve ever used.  This makes them not only great for baby’s diaper changes, but also for the bigger kids to use on spills, messes, and general use.

I’ve heard some people say these new and improved wipes are too rough.  I didn’t think they were rough at all, but then I’m used to using cloth wipes which I’m sure many disposable wipe users would consider rough.  My baby hasn’t expressed any sort of discomfort (in fact, he rather likes diaper changes) so I’m guessing he doesn’t mind that they aren’t quite as soft as flimsier wipes. 🙂

I’m so glad to add another quality product from Seventh Generation to our household!

Here are a few more facts about Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Wipes

Product Details:
• Available Packaging:

− 64 ct. flip-top
− 128 ct. value pack (2 refill packs with
re-sealable tape)
− 256 ct. value pack (4 refill packs with
re-sealable tape)

• Significant environmental savings
• Unscented
• Hypo-allergenic
• Free of fragrances and dyes
• Free of parabens and phthalates
Suggested retail price for 64 ct. is $2.99

Seventh Generation baby wipes are available at Target, Whole Foods, and

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Motherhood and Seventh Generation.  I received compensation and baby wipe samples at no cost.  All opinions expressed are honest and are entirely my own.



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  1. natalie nichols says
    The cleaning can wait. They are only little for a short time.
  2. relax & enjoy them. They grow up so fast.
  3. beware of Pampers diapers. Many babies are too sensitive to them. I know mine were!
  4. Nicole Lewis says
    Let your instinct be your guide, everyone else's advice may not work for you
  5. Sarah Hayes says
    do what you feel is best for them, not always what others say.
  6. oh dear I dont think I have any great advice.. Love and cuddles is all I can think currently with a sick kid home today
  7. Ask for advice from those who have been there, if you want to find out about say breastfeeding or co-sleeping then ask several people who has been there done that, and then decide what is right for your family. Always remember when you feel like you make a mistake, baby still loves you!
  8. Spend as much time with them as possible! You never know how much time you have.
  9. joyce-ellen says
    start a routine as early as possible!
  10. It's never to early to figure out sleep situations. I.e. start looking before the baby is born! demureprincess7(at)gmail(dot)com
  11. Sue Bunting says
    spend lots of time with them they grow up fast, always be prepared for everything when you leave the house, and always feed a hungry child whatever time it is.
  12. Feed them a healthy diet and read books with them everyday!
  13. domestic diva says
    Give lots and lots and lots of hugs.
  14. Colleen Maurina says
    Make sure all baby products such as shampoo and body wash are all natural and non-toxic. Also make sure all the toys that they chew on and play with are BPA free.
  15. My best baby tip is to swaddle.
  16. Always check their diaper before and after they take a nap.
  17. Nicole Newby says
    I have a 6 month old and I also am a clean freak. The cleaning can definitely be put off to play with your little one. I complain in my head all day about how tired I am and how much I have to do, but as soon as my little one falls asleep all I want to do is wake him up and play with him. Just enjoy your time.
  18. Pick up the baby when she cries. this is why i have to go now.
  19. Don't compare your baby to others.
  20. the easiest way to bathe a baby is if you are in the tub with them.
  21. Terri Moore says
    Follow your motherly instincts for your child and love them unconditionally.
  22. Tell them you love them consistently! And use coconut oil for diaper rash. ;)
  23. Don't forget to take lots of pictures of them you'll miss these times when they're gone
  24. vaseline and baby powder work WONDERS on a diaper rash, even the worst ones!
  25. Take everyone's advice with a grain of salt. Trust your own mommy instincts.
  26. Get started on a routine early!
  27. Enjoy every moment and time with your child because once it pass, you can never go back. :)
  28. Alycia M. says
    Trust your gut - but listen to your baby! acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com
  29. Stephanie Larison says
    Don't listen to other moms who try to hound you to do things their way. Do what works for your own family. It's not going to be the same as the next family. :)
  30. If taking them to the doctor's for peace of mind, dont feel bad about doing it
  31. Sara Haaf says
    always carry a spare set of clothes for baby AND mommy.
  32. Nori Sciambi says
    Trust your instincts!
  33. Lansinoh is good for everything! Don't bother with baby-safe lotions and lip balms. A dab of Lansinoh will fix it. Olive oil is also a great replacement for many baby products.
  34. Stephanie G says
    Never put them down :)
  35. If you have twins, always feed them at the same time otherwise you'll never sleep..
  36. Lesley M. says
    Take lots of pictures!
  37. katherine d says
    use eco-friendly cleaner for cloth diapers
  38. Don't beat yourself up because you aren't doing some great thing that another mommy is doing. They're probably worried about something they aren't doing too!
  39. Love the Happiest Baby on The Block DVD help with a fussy baby!
  40. cherish every moment they grow up really quick and stay away from cheap store brand diapers and wipes
  41. Saver Sara says
    Try to say yes more than no.
  42. You can't spoil a baby by holding them or responding to their cries.
  43. Remember to eat and take care of yourself!
  44. Don't worry and stress about everyone else's well-meaning but insane amount of advice. Do what is best for YOU and your BABY!
  45. Try to establish a routine
  46. Shantel Davis says
    always clean and then let air dry for a minute to prevent rash
  47. Love and patience! They are learning!
  48. It is impossible to "spoil" a baby. Love, hug, and kiss them as much as you possibly can.
  49. Paula Tavernie says
    Always cuddle and talk to your baby! ptavernie at yahoo dot com
  50. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says
    Make it a habit to LOVE them!
  51. Amanda Selenke says
    always have a plastic bag in your diaper bag for wet diapers or dirty clothes!
  52. Hesper Fry says
    Savor every moment you have while they are infants and try to keep mementos and lots of photos to put in a scrapbook for when they get older.
  53. Jaclyn Reynolds says
    Shop yard sale for gently used baby items, saves lots of money!!
  54. You can never spend too much time with your baby
  55. Distract babies with a favorite toy when changing diapers.
  56. Always be prepared for a big mess when you're on the go.
  57. everyone else doesn't know how t oraise your child, you know best!
  58. I'm trying to save money, not go spend more, and the Cloth Wipe Warmer says it has this anti-microbial stuff in it to keep your wipes from molding.
  59. I really dont get it.. I started using these wipes after buying the pack of 12 and my baby developed diaper rash. She rarely got diaper rash before, so I dont get why this wipe would give it to her. When I stopped using this wipe and used a different brand her rash went away.. Plus I dislike the smell these wipes have. Granted they claim to be unscented, but there is a strange smell to them. Now I am stuck with 900 wipes and I am out $35 bucks. I would recommend trying them out before buying a massive amount of them like I did.. BIG MISTAkE on my part.
    • The strange smell could just be whatever ingredients they are using for the wipe solution. But, yes, I can definitely see the sense in buying a single package first to try out on your baby. You never know what your baby's skin will be sensitive to.