Babywearing is a cinch with the Baby K’tan baby carrier! #OperationBabyShower Sponsor Spotlight!

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I was so determined to “wear” my last baby.  I’d never done the babywearing thing before and was so excited for all the benefits and convenience of babywearing.  I had a woven wrap, and while many moms swear by woven wraps, it did not work for us…at all.  So the moment I found out I was expecting baby #3 I hopped on and started reading reviews of baby carriers.

It wasn’t long before I discovered the Baby K’tan carriers.  After reading the reviews I was so drawn in by the intuitive, easy on, easy off design!  I knew that I had to try this carrier with our next baby.


The Baby K’tan carrier is kind of in it’s own class of carriers.  Not quite a sling, wrap, or structured carrier, Baby K’tan is like a “wrap without all the wrapping”.



Unlike a wrap, the Baby K’tan consists of two separate pieces.  Two large loops connected by an adjustable support band and a sash that can be wrapped around you and the baby for added support.

Made from 100% cotton knit, Baby K’tan will stretch and conform to both yours and baby’s body.  Because the Baby K’tan is meant to be snug like a wrap, the carriers come in different sizes.  Though it doesn’t bother me–I do most of the babywearing–I think this provides the biggest potential drawback to the product.  If you would like both you and your spouse to be able to wear your child in the K’tan you’re likely going to have to purchase 2 Baby K’tan carriers–1 for you and one for your spouse.

The Baby K’tan carrier is designed for babies 8-35 lbs.  Baby Brother was 8 lbs at birth but dropped down to just below 7 1/2 lbs.  At three weeks old he has just barely regained his birth weight.  That means that the majority of the 3 weeks we’ve been using the Baby K’tan Baby Brother has been slightly below the recommended weight of 8 lbs.

baby brother in baby k'tan

7 lbs 6 oz. Waiting for his doctors appointment.

Though I wouldn’t recommend using the Baby K’tan on a baby weighing more than a few ounces under the weight limit, the carrier worked very well with Baby Brother.  I just had to make sure that I supported his back with my hand so he didn’t slump down too much.


I’ve not been disappointed with the Baby K’tan in the least.  Though not quite as versatile as a wrap they have almost the same benefits of a without many of the drawbacks.  When I used a wrap I was constantly frustrated by the number amount of time and number of steps it took to wrap.  By the time I had the wrap ready my son would be screaming.

Baby Brother absolutely loves being in the Baby K’tan!  It takes me all of 60 seconds to put it on and get him situated, and then he is happy as a clam resting against his mama.  It is amazing how calm he is when he is in the K’tan!


 Looking up at mama.

I LOVE the Baby K’tan because it allows me to quickly and conveniently transition the baby from his infant car seat to a carrier.  I no longer have to lug his heavy car seat with me to the doctor’s office, store, or wherever else I’m going.  I’m actually wearing the baby in his Baby K’tan as I type this!

The Baby K’tan carrier fits in my diaper bag so I have it with me at all times, and let me tell you, I take this with me EVERYWHERE!  I love it!  However, because there is no belt that displaces baby’s weight around my hips, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to wear it when Baby Brother passes 20 lbs or so.  That, however, is more a function of issues I have with my own back than with any sort of design flaw.

If you’re in the market for a baby carrier I highly recommend checking out the Baby K’tan.  The Baby K’tan website has all sorts of resources including benefits of babywearing and a FAQ page with loads of information about the Baby K’tan.

Baby K’tan carriers start at just $49.95

Finally, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!! to Baby K’tan for being an Operation Baby Shower Sponsor!  Baby K’tan donated a Baby K’tan carrier to a military family in need!  I would love for your help in thanking Baby K’tan for their participation in this event!  You can help me say thank you by retweeting the message below or by posting a quick thank you on Baby K’tan’s Facebook page.

Disclosure: I received the above-mentioned product at no cost to myself for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and are entirely my own.



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  1. I haven't tried one of these! I have several different carriers and several wraps, but they do take time to get the handle of. It has been almost 4 years since I wrapped myself with confidence. I am going to have to give this style a try. Thanks.
  2. I have never had the opportunity to use a K'tan but I have heard amazing things about them. Your baby is precious, love this review!
  3. I've never heard of this carrier, but I love the ease of use and small size! That's Convienent for a mom on the go!
  4. joanna garcia says
    i love that it is up to 35 lbs and all the diff ways you can position your child!
  5. Bekah Kuczenski says
    I would love to try a baby k'tan' I love that your baby gets the comfort of a wrap, but that mom doesn't have to put a confusing wrap on lol
  6. I have heard nothing but good about these carriers. I want one!
  7. Darlene Jones-Nelson says
    This looks so comfortable. The baby looks content. My Question I s I wonder if breast feeding is easy to do while having baby in it
    • I'm not sure. I've never breastfed in a carrier. I asked on the Baby K'tan facebook page if they had any youtube videos on how to breastfeed with the baby k'tan, but they don't. They just said to figure out a position that works for you and your baby. I can say that if you can figure out a position the baby k'tan will provide great coverage for discreet nursing.