Baby Boy is 1 month old! See how he’s grown!

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I often hear moms saying they would be happy if their babies could just stay newborns forever.  I’m not one of those moms.  Because of food sensitivity and feeding issues the newborn period is very difficult for our babies, and thus very difficult for mom and dad.


That is why I’m so grateful to say that Baby Brother has been our easiest baby as far as breastfeeding goes (because, really, isn’t that what most of the first month is).  On that note here is a bit about our first 4 weeks.


Breastfeeding:  At 4 weeks Baby Brother latches on pretty well–still a little shallow on the latch.  He currently nurses for 1 to 1.5 hours<—that right there is the most difficult thing.  He’s beginning to stay awake through nursing sessions, yay!  He often looks into my eyes and watches me while he’s nursing–something my other boys never did because they were so uncomfortable–it is AMAZING!

Weight gain:  Birth weight: 8 lbs,   Weight last Wednesday (2 days shy of 4 weeks): 8 lbs 2 oz.  He’s my little bean pole, and is still wearing his newborn cloth diapers snapped down to the lowest rise setting.  His BumGenius and Fuzzibunz newborn diapers are still too big around his little chicken legs.

Growth:  Birth Length: 21 inches,  Length on Friday: 21 3/4 inches

Social: While I’ve been able to get “sleep smiles” out of him since the 2nd week (yes, he’d really smile in his sleep when I coaxed him to!) it was during the 4th week when he gave his first social smile. I love watching his face as he tries to figure out how to make a smile! Smiles are still few and far between, but it melts my heart every time I see one.

sleep smiles

Sleep Smiles!  (3 Weeks)

From birth he’s been very aware.  He came out of the womb completely calm, just looking around the delivery room.  He still looks all around (especially when I’m walking around the house) and now focuses on faces for short periods of time.

Sleep: I’m so thankful to say that he’s been a great nighttime sleeper from day 1.  He wakes up for regular night feedings, but usually goes right back to sleep.  Still don’t have a daytime schedule with naps, but that will come in a few weeks.


Loves to be swaddled. (4 Weeks)



Loves baths! (3 weeks)





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  1. He really is darling. The wide, bright, alert eyes remind me of Emmett as a newborn. Glad the first month has been good to you. Those sleep smiles are adorable!
  2. He is BEYOND Adorable!! Thanks for sharing pictures of him!!
  3. OMG he is so precious. I just wanna cuddle him! They grow so fast... can't believe my baby is already 6 months old.
  4. Wow that went by fast! I love that last photo! He's a cutie!
  5. haha. what a little cutie. I love that he looks like he's doing the Dr Evil pinky thing in the last pic! My son is a bean pole too! It's crazy. He eats like a horse but doesn't show it! Hopefully he'll never have weight problems like his mama when he grows up. Thanks for sharing your photos. They are great!
  6. He's absolutely adorable!
  7. nancy p says
    What a wonderful blessing this little boy is. May God always watch over him.