Wordless Wednesday: 39 1/2 weeks!




I’m hoping that this will be my last Wordless Wednesday baby bump picture post.  I’m really hoping not to be pregnant this time next week!

My sister texted me this evening asking if I’d had the baby yet to which I replied, “No, no baby yet.  And, hopefully not tonight.  I’m too tired to have a baby tonight.”

So here I am.  An extremely tired mama, who went to visit the hubs at work, do a little grocery shopping, and stop by the law office on base without having done her hair or put on any makeup.  That’s 39 weeks for you.


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  1. You look great! I can't wait to "meet" this new little guy! (Psst, why'd you go to a law office?)
  2. You look awesome!! Not too much longer now!
  3. You look fantastic! Will keep you in my thoughts/prayers this next week
  4. You look great! I hope you get some sleep tonight!
  5. Huguette English says:
    Wow look at that bump :) You look great, happy for you!
  6. You look absolutely beautiful, Amy! Baby looks great, too! We're waiting with bated breath.
  7. congrats! that is so exciting!
  8. What an adorable baby bump - makes me miss mine! You look great, any day now!
  9. Wow, you look amazing! Hoping your little one comes on time :)
  10. I'm too tired to have a baby tonight...love it! Good luck and you look great!
  11. Lookin' great! I wish you and the baby all the best when the time comes.
  12. You look fabulous! Praying you have a smooth delivery!