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Back in the day before I had my first baby I actually worked for a scrapbook company.  I worked in their accounting department but I was able to see all the new projects they were working on, and I may have become a “little” obsessed with scrapbooking!

But after my baby was born I didn’t have time for all that–this was back when you had to cut out and tape on every little embellishment and picture.  I found that once I had gotten out all my supplies and started on a project my baby would wake up and I would have to clean up before I even got anything accomplished.  It became so frustrating to me that I finally just gave up on it.  Until now.  I heard of a company where you can scrapbook online!  No clutter, no mess, no chaos!

At Viovio they make it easy to create professional looking products all from your computer.  They cater to both professional and amateur photographers making it a fun, easy, and affordable way to preserve your precious memories!  You can make premium photo books (in a variety of sizes and binding types), calendars or cards from your computer or even your ipad!  All with an easy-to-use web based book designer!  They have templates that you can use to create your projects or if you have a pdf that you have created on a different program you can just upload that into a project to print.

I was so excited when I got the chance to try out viovio’s website because I am so behind on all my kids pictures!  Since I don’t have pdf’s of any projects I just started from scratch using their templates.  They have free designs but they also have tons of different templates that you can buy.  I purchased one that is called Birthday Celebrations for $5.00.  I wanted to use it for milestones to show pictures of my son at all 12 months of his first year.  Here is the page from when he was one month old.

The page included the background and the number 1, the presents and the ribbon.  All I had to do was insert the pictures.  It’s so easy!  The only problem is you have to find pictures that are horizontal or vertical to fit in the empty boxes.  But it’s easy to drag and drop them where you want them and then you can also re crop them too.

Here is my page for his 10 month pictures

They have all different kinds of photo layouts for kids, families, vacations, weddings, and just about anything you can think of.  Once you get all your pictures put into a photo book or calendar then you can print it off.  They have many different sizes and styles to pick from.   At viovio, they really let you do all the customizing that you want.  They offer you so many options that I haven’t seen at other websites.

Here is what I thought about viovio.  Once I got into the program and started to figure things out I really liked it.  There was a learning curve to it but it wasn’t hard at all–just basically trying to figure out how to add the pictures and move my pages around.  They even have a quick video tutorial to help you get started.

I really like that they have templates that are already created that you can just drop your pictures on.  And these are cute  designed pages with colors and embellishments.  The only think I don’t like so far is that the spots to drop your pictures into are set sizes so sometimes I don’t like how a picture looks and I have to go find a different one that will fit.  Other than that Viovio is a great program and I have really enjoyed using it.  I haven’t finished my book yet but I can’t wait until it is done and I can print it off and see it.  My son is going to be so excited to see all his pictures!

Buy It:

You can check out all the different products that viovio has to offer on their website here.  They have many different things for all your scrapbooking needs.  Plus they have something for every budget.  You can make your books as big or as small as you want.  You only have to pay for what pages you design.

Make sure you check out their twitter and facebook pages for ideas and sales.


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  1. Thanks for the great review! The template used in this book, Birthday Celebrations can be found here -
  2. How fun! I've been thinking we should make a book of family faces for my baby girl, since a lot of our family lives far away. That way she'd still recognize them.