Valentine’s Day Door Wreath DIY

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Valentine’s Day Door Wreath

Valentine's Day Door Wreath


Do you remember the Halloween door wreath I made back in October?

Halloween wreath for front door

I had so much fun with it that I wanted to try and make a Valentine’s Day Door wreath just like it!  This time instead of using burlap I found some really cute tulle on sale at Hobby Lobby, so I bought a bunch of that to tie with instead!  As an added bonus, this wreath ended up being cheaper and easier to make than the last one!  I’m awesome, I know!

So this is all you need to get your Valentine’s Day Door Wreath started:

  • 8 or 10 inch Styrofoam wreath
  • 3 different colors of tulle (I got a light pink, medium pink and a bright pink with glitter)
  • embellishments
  • ribbon to match
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • glue gun
  1. Cut your wreath in half.  I just took a kitchen steak knife and cut all the way around it so I had two wreaths.  I gave my little sister the other one so we got two wreaths for the price of one!
  2. Using your tape measure cut your tulle into strips.  I cut mine into 16″ strips about 3 inches wide, but you can cut them shorter or longer depending on how big you want your wreath to be.
  3. Once you have all your strips cut lay them out into a pattern.  I did light pink, medium pink, light pink, medium pink, glitter pink.  Then I would start over again.  I did less of the glitter pink so it didn’t overtake the wreath.  But you can do whatever pattern you would like.
  4. Then tie them on!  I just did a double knot but you can do what ever you like best.  Fill the wreath and make it as puffy and fluffy as you want!
  5. Add embellishments!  I just walked around the craft store Valentines Day aisle until I found a couple things I liked.  I just hot glued them on and let them dry.
  6. Last I tied a ribbon around it to hang with and put it on my door!

There you have it!  A pretty in pink wreath just in time for Valentines Day.  My daughter loves our new Valentine’s Day Door Wreath so much she keeps asking if she can have it.  Maybe after Valentines Day I’ll let her hang it in her bedroom!


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  1. That wreath is so clever! I'm am so not crafty like that!
  2. Fun! I haven't tried a tulle wreath yet, but it is totally perfect for Valentine's Day! :) Just pinned it!
  3. Love it! I have a black one I did for Halloween. I love wreaths.
  4. Pinned it - so cute! I want to make one!
  5. I totally just pinned your wreath too. I LOVE IT. Now to just find time to buy the stuff and make its. :)
  6. This is beautiful! I bet my mom would love to make one of these - thanks for sharing!
  7. This is adorable!
  8. Such a cute wreath and so many diiferent options for every season & holiday. How much tulle does it take?
  9. Can you tell me why you cut the wreath in half?
    • Hi Ann Marie, Thanks for your question. Kate cut it in half & put the flat part in the back so it would lay flatter against the door. It was less bulky that way and it saves a little money.
  10. Love making the wreath .give me something to do when my husband is watching the stuff he likes on TV. I have Halloween, winter, Christmas and valentine.
  11. How wide are your strips?