After much anticipation…Baby Brother’s Birth Story, Part 1

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Part 1:


In order to properly tell this story I’m going to have to rewind a little bit and tell you about my preparations for baby brother’s birth.

I always knew I wanted to bring my babies into the world with as little interference from drugs as possible. While I was pregnant with my first son I’d watched the documentary “The Business of Being Born” and felt both enlightenment and empowerment about woman’s (aka “my”) natural, God given ability to bring new life into the world.

Though I didn’t end up having an unmedicated birth with my first (I was 12 days overdue and induced. The contractions were too close together and too hard for what I was prepared for.), I prepared again for a natural childbirth with my second and was rewarded with a beautiful, albeit exhausting, experience.

This final time around I felt compelled to prepare even more than I had done with my second son.  I’d read a hypnobirthing book and listened to a few relaxation scripts, but this time I felt like that wouldn’t be enough.  My quest to find an OB supportive of natural childbirth here in northern Louisiana taught me that I’d need much more preparation for a natural childbirth than I had with my second son.

Then, a couple months ago my friend Jami had just posted her Hypnobabies birth story on her blog.  I was inspired by her focus and strength during her birthing experience.  I wondered if I, too, could have a similar experience. I checked out the Hypnobabies website, felt it was a sound program, and decided to purchase the home study course.

For about 6 weeks from my due date I practiced self-hypnosis almost daily.

I’d had “regular” braxton hicks contractions since I was 20 weeks.  The last couple months, however, they’d become noticeable to the point where I was running to the bathroom several times each hour.  I was induced with my first son and my water broke before I actually went into labor with my second son so I was a little nervous that if I just went into labor with contractions I might not recognize the difference between these practice contractions and true labor “pressure waves” (a little hypnobirthing lingo for you).


Taken two days before I went into labor

Turns out I had no reason to worry.  On Thursday the 17th of January I lounged at home, folded a little laundry, worked on some blog stuff, and noted that, “hmm…these contractions feel a little different today…that’s good.” I didn’t really think much more of it though until I laid down in bed that night.

It was about 10:15 pm. I had a contraction–same kind I’d had all day, and “Oh, dear!” I giggled to The Husband, “That one made me pee a little!”  I got out of bed and hurried to the bathroom only to discover that I was not peeing my pants.

Nope! My water broke!  Feelings of excitement and anxiety came rushing in at the same time.  I sooo wanted this baby out of my body, but I worried about whether or not I was prepared enough.

The time for preparation, however, had passed.  This was it!

Read Part 2! You’ll hear all about my birth experience, using self-hypnosis, and meeting Baby Brother.


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