6 Tips for a more comfortable pregnancy

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So, you’re pregnant?


Whether you’re embarking on the journey of motherhood for the first time or for the 10th there are always little tips and helps you can pick up along the way.

When I began my first pregnancy I was astounded at all that I didn’t know about pregnancy.  I grew up with a mom who was pregnant almost 50% of my childhood until I was 16.  I have 10 younger brothers and sisters, surely I knew all there was to know about pregnancy. Yeah….no.

Babies, maybe.  Pregnancy, I had not a clue.

Perhaps it is best that we women embark upon our first pregnancy voyage somewhat blind to what the subsequent 9 months will bring.  I think that if we went in with our eyes fully opened, not ever having experienced the miraculous outcome, far fewer women would be inclined to subject their bodies and their emotional sanity to it.

Now, having almost completed my third pregnancy I feel like an old pro.  Sure, there are probably more things out there left to learn, but I’m content.  Really, who needs to know it all? 😉

So, today I thought I’d share with you my Top Tips for Expecting Moms!

  1. For the dreaded 1st Trimester morning sickness try: ginger capsules, vitamin B6, and Unisom.  Take 1 Unisom at night (if you are taking the pink sleep melts, take 2). Then take the ginger and B6 during the day.  Do make sure you check with your Dr. or midwife about dosage and whether this morning sickness cocktail is right for you. Before I started taking these during my 1st trimester it was all I could do not to throw up as I walked the aisles of the grocery store.  Getting through each day while taking care of my other 2 children was fairly near torture.  When I started taking these during my 8th week my morning sickness went away by about 50%. I didn’t feel fabulous, but I was functional.  I took Zofran with my 2nd pregnancy, and this worked just as well but without the nasty side effects.
  2. High fiber cereal: Except for the time during my 2nd pregnancy when I was on cerealZofran I’ve been very fortunate to avoid a dreaded, but common problem of pregnancy–constipation.  I partly attribute that to my love of certain whole grain, high fiber breakfast cereals.  Almost every morning I eat a bowl of either Grape Nuts, Mini Wheats, or Raisin Bran.  If you’re having trouble with constipation make sure you’re drinking lots of water as well.
  3. Prenatal Vitamin with DHA or Omegas: You can look for either a prenatal with DHA or you can buy them separately.  Most experts and physicians will agree that taking a DHA or Omega supplement while pregnant is good for fetal brain development.
  4. A good Sleep Bra: If you don’t usually wear a bra when you sleep, now’s the time.  Not only will a good sleep bra reduce breast discomforts many women experience early on in pregnancy, but a good sleep bra will also give you much needed support at night thus reducing the stretching and tearing of breast tissue. Look for a stretchy, unlined, wireless bra.  Most maternity stores will carry sleep bras that are also great for nursing.
  5. Halftees:  This one is a new discovery for me.  I’m an undershirt kind of girl.  Many halfteeof my shirts have deep necklines—lower than I’m comfortable with—so I almost always wear a fitted undershirt (layering shirt).  During pregnancy it can be very difficult to find a fitted undershirt that will look seamless under your clothing for your entire pregnancy.  Not to mention that if you’re pregnant during the summer you’re going to want to wear as few layers as possible. Halftees don’t cover your belly thus enabling a good fit your entire pregnancy. They’re not specifically made for maternity wear so they’ll fit even after you have the baby!  Score.  Tip: if your chest grows during pregnancy make sure to purchase a size up.
  6. Epsom Salt Baths: Baths by themselves are wonderful for taking the weight of baby off your body giving you a much needed chance to relax.  An Epsom Salt bath soak is great for sore legs and ligaments. Add 2 cups of Epsom Salt to your bathwater and you’re also giving your body the chance to soak up a much needed nutrient.  Add a few drops of lavender essential oils for an even more relaxing bath.

What is one tip you’d love to share with expecting moms?


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  1. good ideas, right now my baby is pushing on my spine so i'm in paiiinnnn
  2. I came from a big family too and still didn't know much. Without the help of my older sisters and friends, I am quite sure I would not have tackled having 6 kids. My very best tip is to take time to put your feet UP and not try to be supermom. I worked on my feet with my youngest two and when I came home I did what I HAD to do, delegated some and at least made myself take some time FOR myself. Even if it drove me crazy that things didn't always get done (or done MY way), I did take the time to rest and make sure me and baby were well rested, fed, and got the sleep I needed at night and naps on weekends when I could!
  3. My personal favourite is the Epsom Salt Bath. Not only is it cheap, it also does not require anyone else's help and involvement. I like it! :)
  4. I've never heard of taking unisom. Wish I'd know this with my kids! I definitely agree with the high fiber cereal!
  5. these are some great tips i can pass on to my cousin. she's due in about 4 months