Merry Christmas! It’s Ringworm…but only because we care.

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The following is one of those things that happen in life that is just so ridiculous that it has to be written down.

So, we have this little neighbor boy who’s 6. He’s a Good natured, but very loud and all over the place.

Today, he came over, played outside with my boys for a while, then asked if he could come inside and play. The following is the conversation that ensued between The Husband and said neighbor child:

Child: Can I play in your house?
The Husband: [My wife] is resting so you need to play outside.
Child: Oh, please. The neighbors won’t let me play at their house til my owie is better.
The Husband: Why, what is your owie?
Child: I’m not supposed to say what it is.
The Husband: Well, what is it? You need to tell me.
Child: it’s Worm Ring.


Merry Christmas! Dear neighbors, I hope you don’t mind that our gift to you this year is a case of ringworm. Don’t worry, this is gift that you can share with the entire family. 🙂 We figured that given your advanced state of pregnancy you wouldn’t mind an extra trip or two to the doctor.


Your caring neighbors who let their child play with the neighbor kids but tell him not to tell anyone he has ringworm


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  1. That is shocking. I can't believe they sent him over with something contagious. Wow.
  2. Are you kidding me? That is awful! I would be so mad if one of my neighbors did that to me.
  3. I think that this is so wrong! If the child has any type of illness the parents need to keep he or she home! I can not understand people these days! I have had some similar circumstances where my son's friends did things that were so rude. This is rude to send a contagious kid to your house!
  4. uggggghhh... we have had kind neighbours pass on head lice and bed bugs, so i am feeling your pain. geez, say something so people at least know whether they should worry...
  5. Donna George says
    That is disgusting! Knowing how easily transmitted it is, why would they do that?
  6. April Yedinak says
    Everyone should calm down. Once the ringworm has been treated with an anitfungal for 24 hours you really don't have to worry about catching it.
  7. Okay, that's hilarious! Sorry, it's ridiculous, too- but so funny. So glad you "shared" this story with us!!! :)
  8. Wow, that is really contagious and frightening that they let their kid play with just anyway.