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I can’t believe that I’m due with baby number 3 in less than a few short weeks!  As many bloggers do, I decided that to celebrate the arrival of this new baby I’d host a baby shower event.

I decided, though, to do this event a little differently than usual.  I know as well as many parents out there that having a new baby can put a great financial strain on  new parents.

When we had our first child, my husband was about to embark on his first year of a 5 year Ph.D. program.  We were so blessed to have so many generous family and friends who helped outfit us with the baby gear we needed.  By the time we had our second child my husband was 3 years into his Ph.D., I was no longer working, and financially speaking, we were fairly destitute.  And yet, because of our generous family and friends we were a lot more prepared to bring our babies home than many new parents are.

Outfitting a baby can be a very expensive thing.  From car seats and strollers to baby wash and clothing, new parents can generally expect to spend hundreds of dollars (even when shopping used) on baby gear for their new little one.

As Officer In Charge of the Mental Health Clinic at our local military base, my husband works closely with many social workers. I’ve often heard my husband comment on the difficult financial situations some of the young airmen with young families are in.

Members of our military already have far more stresses in their lives than most of us have to deal with.  When these stresses are coupled with the financial strain of trying to prepare for a new baby, the expecting parents can be easily overwhelmed.

This is what gave me the inspiration for Operation Baby Shower!

operation baby shower final

I’ll be teaming up with brands and makers of baby products to bring you some of the best rated baby gear items!  Those items will then be donated to families in need at our local military base.

I’m so excited for this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these families!

I’ve already begun contacting companies, and am so excited for this event!  If you are a WAHM or a brand or company who makes baby products, and would love to help military families in need while gaining brand exposure, please feel free to email me at for details on how you can participate.

Before I end, I’d like to give a quick shout out and thank you to our very 1st Operation Baby Shower sponsors!



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  1. What a great idea Amy!
  2. Wow! What a great thing to do for others! I am sure that there will be so many families blessed by getting these much needed baby items! I hope that you get many more sponsors, and Congrats on the new baby that will be arriving in a few weeks!
  3. Wow, this is an amazing idea. I love it. I hope you are able to get lots of sponsors and wishing you all the best with your coming child.
  4. Awe, you are so sweet! I love this and look forward to checking back to read more!
  5. Amy, you are such I wonderful example. I love having you as a big sister. =)