Almost Wordless Wednesday – Fun at Six Flags Over Texas!

We packed a lot of fun stuff into our little Thanksgiving vacation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We hit Six Flags Over Texas for opening day of Holiday in the Park.  It was PACKED but we had a blast!  Many of my brothers and sisters were there, and the boys had such a fun time with their aunts and uncles!

My timid little thrill seeker! And, yes, he does hold his hands up the entire ride!

Big Brother is such a character!

Little Brother is excited for the Mini Mine Train!  A “big kid” roller coaster!

All my boys displaying their Awesome strength!

Ah, that explains why they are sooo strong!


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  1. HOW FUN!!! I love their capes!
  2. Gina Brickell says:
    What a lot of fun!! I'm pretty sure I just commented on a LegoLand visit you guys just did, so sounds like their time was spent doing wayyyyy fun things!!! Those are things they will remember for years to come and look back on. I'm sure they had such a blast!
    • We don't go on actual vacations very often, and when we do we are often visiting family and don't get trips to amusement parks and fun places like Legoland in. So this time I wanted to make sure we not only had a fun time with family, but that we went out and DID fun things. I have so many memories from places like Six Flags and Disneyland from when I was a kid. I want to make sure my kids have similar fun memories.
  3. Sandy VanHoey says:
    Here I am a Grandma and never been to a Six Flags. It looks like y'all had a great time! That pic of him holding his hands up....way too cute!
    • One thing I love about Six Flags over Texas is that the child area is big enough that you can spend a couple hours there. If you have passes, that is the perfect amount of time to spend in the park before heading home. My grandma used to come and just sit on the benches and watch the kids ride the rides. The kids love having Gram there and she loved watching them have such fun.
  4. Denise Shook says:
    I remember when my children were small and we had so many outings. I was always trying to take them new places and do activites as a family. Your children are are having a blast and you are building memories that will last forever with your lovely family. Big brother is a character and a cutie too!!
  5. Christina Kelbel says:
    Looks like your kids had a blast! I love Six Flags, can't wait to take my son.
  6. These pictures bring back SO many memories! I grew up in Arlington, and had a season pass to Six Flags every year of my life until I moved away 18 years ago. Love that place!
  7. so jealous! i love six flags and the batman ride is my absolute fave. Hope to get the chance to go there soon! the rides are so far apart though thats my only problem!
  8. David Fultner says:
    I love six Flags. i had a season pass for years.
  9. We took my grandsons to Six Flags over Georgia a few months back and they had a blast! Looks like y'all had fun too!
  10. I haven't been there for about 25 years. Fun place.
  11. Nicole Dziedzic says:
    My sister lives in Texas and when we visit we love taking the kids and heading out to Six Flags, always a fun day out, and who wouldn't enjoy it here, perfect place for memories.