The Cuddle on Inn stores and organizes your child’s stuffed animals! #SavvyGiftGuide Review

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Have you ever seen the books “Where’s Waldo”?  Well this is my version with my daughter!  Look very closely.  Can you find her?  This picture was taken when she was 2 years old.  Look at all those dolls and stuffed animals!

Now flash forward 3 years.  She is now 5 and her pile of stuffed animals has probably quadrupled!  Just check it out! (no, she’s not hiding in this one!)

And this is just her pile!  My son has a small pile and my baby has even started a collection of stuffed animals.  So with all these animals hanging around our house you can just imagine the mess we have in the bedrooms.  I have been wanting to find some way to organize them and all I could think of was the net/hammock that you could hang up in a corner of the room.  (That is what I had when I was younger).  But we didn’t really want to hang one in the bedrooms and besides it didn’t seem practical to have them hanging up high where the kids couldn’t even reach them.  So when I heard about the Cuddle on Inn I was so excited to try it out!

cuddle on inn, stuffed animal holder

The Cuddle on Inn is not only a plush toy organizer but it is also a decorative playhouse!  It makes clean up time fun and easy!  Just look at how cute and fun it is!

We opted to mount this in a corner so we could have more room to store all the stuffed animals, but you can mount it on a flat wall too.  It was very easy to put together, and in no time my kids had it loaded up with all their animals!

When I first saw the Cuddle on Inn I was curious to see how many animals we could actually fit in it.  I kinda thought that there was no way we could fit all our animals in, but boy was I wrong!

You can display your favorite friends in the windows and door and there are different sized slots that run up both sides so you can hang your animals off the sides too.  And for your biggest friends you can just toss them down the back behind the house for storage.  Not only did we fit all our stuffed animals but we even had space to spare!

This house is amazing!  And it’s not just for storage.  My kids love to just play with the stuffed animals in the house.  My son actually calls it the dog house because we put a dog in the front door and apparently it has become his house!  But the dog does let Elmo, Curious George and all the 7 dwarfs come for sleepovers! 🙂

Cuddle on Inn was really an inspired idea.  It was created by a dad for his daughter and her “dozhundreds” of stuffed animals.  I can see why it has become such a hit with both parents and children.  I certainly know it’s been a hit around here at our house.  The only downfall I have seen with it in the past month was it is pink and girly (which we love) but my son loves it just as much as my daughter does.  I think it would be great to make one for boys that was blue or maybe a red one that resembled a firehouse.  Then that way boys could have fun picking up their stuffed animals too!

If you want to watch a funny video of the Cuddle on Inn you should check out this video on youtube.  It shows parents and kids enjoying the Cuddle on Inn.  Also you can check out their facebook and twitter pages for more info and pictures!

Buy It:

If you are purchasing some stuffed animals for you little kiddos this Christmas season you will definitely want to check out the Cuddle on Inn so you will have a home to store them in.  The Cuddle on Inn can be purchased from for $89.99 or from their website here.  And right now if you purchase the Cuddle on Inn from their website, use promo code cuddle at check out and get $20 off!  Such an awesome deal!

So as you begin your holiday shopping don’t forget about the much needed organization of the after Christmas chaos and check out the Cuddle on Inn!


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  1. Sandy VanHoey says
    That is way too cute...what a clever idea. They must know how many stuffen andimals and toys our kids gather in no time at all
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  3. What a great idea. I think this would be the perfect Christmas present for parents, haha. I would have never believed this could do that. Thanks for the review.
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  8. I had piles of stuffies like that when I was younger. I had some pretty big ones, though!
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