Holiday Cooking! 6 Delicious treats your kids will love to help you make!

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There are very few kids who don’t love to get into the kitchen with mom and dad.  When they get to make something sweet they’re all the more excited.  Here are 4 treats that will have your kids licking their lips…and their fingers!

Thanksgiving Pilgrims Hat Cookie 

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Pilgrims hat cookie

With just a few ingredients, these Pilgrims Hat Cookies are super easy to make and will delight kids and guests alike!

Gumdrop Turkey

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gumdrop turkey thanksgiving treat craft

Fun and easy even for toddlers, these Gumdrop Turkeys make a fun craft and snack for Thanksgiving!

 Dipped Caramel Apples + Apple Pie Caramel Apples

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caramel apple recipe, apple pie caramel apples

Kids will love choosing their favorite candies to dip their chocolate covered caramel apples in!

White Chocolate Covered Cookie Bouquet 

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Though we made this for Valentine’s Day, it would also be the perfect gift for or party decoration for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and several other holidays.  Kids love dipping the cookies and decorating them with their favorite sprinkles!


Cinnamon Carmel Corn with White Chocolate

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This is one of my absolute favorite treats to make (and eat!).  Kids can help add and mix the ingredients, and then, when the popcorn is done cooking, they’ll have a great time drizzling the chocolate over the popcorn!


Rolo Cake Mix Bars

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This is another really easy recipe to do with the kids.  I’d recommend mixing the bulk of the ingredients yourself and then calling the kids in to put the cut up Rolos on top.  The picture just can’t do this amazing dessert justice!


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  1. joanna garcia says
    i love the gumdrop turkey!
  2. Gina Brickell says
    Thank you for the great ideas! I love to try to get my son to help while I'm making stuff in the kitchen, but it's difficult to find kid friendly things to make.. This gives some great ideas!!
  3. My son had to help me in the kitchen with my newly broken wrist or he would not be eating, and he knew it. lol
  4. Yum I want to try the caramel apple recipes
  5. Blessie Nelson says
    These recipes are so much fun and tempting for the kids! Thanks for sharing! I could use some of these ideas!
  6. Those dipped caramel apples look amazing!
  7. Sandy VanHoey says
    I love those dipped marshmallows. My grandson would really enjoy them and I think that one with caramel and chocolate, I might have to try myself.
  8. Mary Dailey says
    Thank you so much for so many different ideas. My grandchildren will love making some of these with me!
  9. I like the Rolo Cake mix bars! They look yummy! I like to make homemade treats for the Holidays, I did make some really great treats an took them for Christmas Eve Party! I also like the treat that you made called Cinnamon Carmel Corn with White Chocolate! Yummy!