Healthy Snack Time with Whole Fruit Smoothies – Review

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Is anybody out there looking for a new refreshing, healthy treat?  Well I always am and J & J Snacks has come up with a new healthy snack called Whole Fruit Smoothies.

Whole Fruit Smoothies are made with chunks of real fruit and bursting with a refreshing taste.  I could actually taste the pineapple chunks in the Pineapple Mango!  It was delicious!

Whole Fruit Smoothie is the newest addition to the Whole Fruit Line by J & J Snack Foods. Available in three flavors: Mixed Berry, Pineapple Mango, and Strawberry Banana. Each 4 fl. oz. cup is only 100 calories of smooth, creamy and delicious fruitiness using the highest quality ingredients.
The perfect blend of fruit and milk, Whole Fruit Smoothie delivers superb taste and quality, with better-for-you benefits. Just like the name says, Whole Fruit Smoothie has real pieces of fruit in each cup. Every cup is ready to eat, just take off the lid, grab a spoon and enjoy!
  • Only 100 Calories per serving
  • No prep work needed
  • Real fruit in every bite
  • Looking for a drinkable treat? Pop the cup in the microwave for 20 seconds, stir and enjoy.
We really enjoyed the Fruit Smoothies.  They are a nice refreshing treat and I’m almost feeling guilty admitting this but it is my favorite snack after I do my Insanity workout each night.  They are just cold and delicious and I figure with only 100 calories it’s not that bad of a snack!  My favorite is the Mixed Berry and my son just loves the Strawberry Banana one.  They’ve really been a hit around our house and I think they are a better alternative to a bowl of ice cream.  They are so creamy and they are already portioned out into the perfect sizes and you don’t over eat.  It’s perfect for someone who may be counting calories like me.  So if your looking for a nice refreshing treat check them out on their website here or their facebook page.  You can also check here to see if they are located at a store near you!
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  1. I'm so addicted to smoothies right now! (but it's getting cold outside) xoxo
  2. Sandy VanHoey says
    Strawberry banana...yummm, my grandson will be wanting this. That is his favorite...strawberry/banana