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When looking for a cloth diaper store to purchase from there are a few things I look for.

  1. I like smaller, family/mom run stores.  I simply feel like I’m supporting someone who is in a similar position as myself.
  2. Variety. Even though I don’t use every type of cloth diaper out there (fitted, pocket, wool, prefolds with covers, etc.) I still like to see that a store carries a good variety.  It shows me that they care about the different diapering needs and styles of cloth diapering families.
  3. Shipping costs. Unless I’m feeling spendy–I usually only order from sites with shipping costs of $6 or less.  Free shipping is wonderful, but it is important to note that most small business owners cannot afford to foot our shipping costs.

Happily Homegrown meets all three of my requirements!  Happily Homegrown was started in 2010 by mom of 5, Amy.

Here is a bit more from Amy about her shop:

After cloth diapering our own four (soon to be five) children I found that while I loved cloth diapers I did not always like shopping for them. I ended up buying a variety of products that while came heavily recommended by the sites that sold them, were just not the best available quality. It was hard to navigate all of the products and types of diapers out there.

We decided we wanted to run a business that focused on high quality, eco friendly products with great customer service. Unlike some of the stores you find online selling diapers we are not a manufacturer. I am a mom. These are products that held up to my own use.

Amy has quite the variety in her shop that she’ll help you navigate.  She carries several styles of fitted diapers, pocket diapers, prefold diapers, and many more.

In addition to diapers, Happily Homegrown has a variety of items for mom, child, and baby.  Happily Homegrown offers classics like Aden and Anais Swaddle blankets, as well some products I’d never heard of before like the Cuppow.

Happily Homegrown sent me a Peachy Green Sprout Up AI2 diaper with a Peachy Green bamboo insert to review.  I was originally drawn to Peachy Green Diapers for their trim look, cute prints, and (my new latest diapering obsession) bamboo.  I got the There Be Dragons print.  Isn’t it cute?!  I’m picky, and it isn’t often I find a boy print that I love.


Here are some of the specs for the shell and insert:


  • Amazingly trim – stretches to fit a wide range of babies 
  • Fastens at the side for a smooth belly 
  • Gentle elastic works for chubby or lean thighs 
  • Fits 8 – 35+ pounds with 3 rise settings and 5 waist/leg settings
  • Soft microfleece against baby’s skin, not snaps 
  • Re-use the shell multiple times with one-size snap-in soakers 


  • 100% bamboo / organic cotton fleece soaker absorbs fast 
  • •Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified free of any known harmful substances; the strictest standard for infant products 
  • Quick dry – soaker layers separate in the wash 
  • Soft even when line dried 
  • One-size with 3 length adjustments

I haven’t been disappointed with quality, trimness, or absorbency.  Peachy Green diapers are handmade in the USA.  All the materials used to construct this diaper are very high quality.  I can see this diaper lasting a long time.

Little Brother is daytime potty trained, and he’s generally not a heavy wetter at naptime, but he does occasionally manage to leak out of the top of his diapers.  There are 2 reasons for this. 1) He’s a tummy sleeper.  2) He is 35 lbs. and at the top of the weight range for most diapers.

Before I delve into that though, let’s take a look at the fit:

Indeed, he is at the top of the weight range for the Peachy Green Sprout Up, too.  He is on the 2nd to last waist snap on each side and the last thigh snap on each side.  Never once, however, has he leaked out of his Peachy Green diaper.  And you can see that the rise is pretty low on him!

The reason for the lack of leaks is the bamboo/cotton insert.  I really like the design of the insert.  The 70% bamboo/30% cotton insert is long and fairly narrow, but due to the absorbency of bamboo, even when Little Brother has had a significant naptime pee, the insert rarely leaves the cover noticeably damp.

Here is a look at the one size insert:

In the picture, the insert is flipped over so that you can see the adjustable snap settings that correspond with the diaper snap down size settings.  The Snaps don’t go against baby’s skin.  The long insert also allows you to customize the absorbency in certain areas for heavy wetters.

My overall opinion:

The Peachy Green Sprout Up diaper worked very well for my 2 1/2 year old! It is very well made, comfortable, absorbent, and is Little Brother’s new favorite diaper (he picks out his diapers for nap and night time).  I am not confident that this would fit a baby a small as 8 lbs, however.  When the diaper is snapped all the way down to the smallest setting it is still bigger than most of our other One Size diapers. If you have a short chubby 8lb-er it might work.

The older release Peachy Green Sprout Up diaper prints (like the one I received) can be purchased from Happily Homegrown for $17.00.  Regular price is $19.95.  They don’t come with an insert, but you can add them on for $8.99 for one or $17.95 for 2.

This may sound a little pricey, but here is what you’re getting: You are getting a handmade in the USA diaper made from the highest quality materials.  You’re getting an anti-microbial bamboo insert (which are always going to be more expensive than other inserts) that you can use from birth to potty training.

Are they worth the price?

Frugal me would have to say, YES!

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Disclosure: I received the above-mentioned diaper, at no cost to myself, for review purposes.  The opinions are honest and are entirely my own.

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  1. I want to try a peachy green so bad!!! Sounds like a great diaper and I love that print!
  2. They carry lots of cute fitted diapers. I'm on a fitted kick. I really want to try one of those peachy green diapers too!
  3. Gina Brickell says
    I think it is absolutely amazing how far these cloth diapers have come. My son is 5 and I didn't use them when he was an infant, but since I've started looking at Blogging sites I have seen so many, and if I knew THEN what I knew NOW, I would have used them. They are so economical and they have such cute designs and everything..
  4. I would love to try that diaper. It looks like exactly what we need.
  5. Mary Beth Elderton says
    These sound really nice. I have a new grandbaby due in early Spring, and she is talking about using cloth. My first reaction was a little bit of horror--but boy have cloth diapers come a long way since mine were little! These do sound a little pricey for a young couple, but even my math skills can figure out the whopping savings over constantly buying disposables, particularly as other babies come along. And that's not even counting the cost-savings of dramatically reducing landfill waste. Thank you so much for this valuable information.
    • LOL, they do save a LOT. I was joking my husband last night telling him I might buy a few diapers for the baby when he comes along. I'm really a frugal person so I'm not going to go crazy buying all sorts of diapers. He said to me, "Okay, as long as it is still more cost effective than disposables." I paused, and laughed, and then went to my cloth diaper savings calculations. "Okay, honey, I promise not to spend $2000 on cloth diapers because by the time we're finished with baby #2 that's how much we will have saved by using cloth." LOL. That includes the diapers and supplies we've purchased already and the water/energy cost to wash the diapers. Cloth undeniably is cost effective.
  6. I have not heard of this brand before. There are almost too many to keep track of these days! I like that bamboo is becoming more popular is diapers...so many benefits.
  7. What a unique print! I have wanted to try one of these diapers and I will definitely be checking out Happily Homegrown! :)
  8. Colleen Maurina says
    It's nice to see that Happily Homegrown focuses on high quality and eco friendly products. I have never tried Peachy Green Sprout Up diapers. I like that it has a trim fit, bamboo soakers and is one size.
  9. I look for variety first, so many stores only carry a couple of brands and I don't want to order from 3 stores to get what I want. I also look at shipping costs before ordering, if the shipping isn't reasonable I won't even consider ordering from that store. Love it when you can find a store that offers both:)
  10. I look for the exact same things when ordering CDs. thank you for mentioning Happily Homegrown so I could check it out!!
  11. These are so gorgeous! Peachy Green is one of the diapers on my "bucket list" to try.
  12. kim johnson says
    I love that these have a snap adjustable soaker. The bamboo is a plus also.
  13. I've been curious about bamboo inserts lately so thank you for this review and information pertaining to them. I have a heavy wetter and am never sure about what type of doublers/inserts to get.
  14. These sound great.. I have 3 in diapers going on 4.
  15. Bekah Kuczenski says
    I would love to try the peachy green diaper! I love that the insert is made of bamboo :)
  16. Browsing around their store, I see a lot of stuff I like! I might have to shop there soon!
  17. Julie Ghrist says
    I love shopping at and supporting small businesses. I will have to add this one to my list for future reference... thanks so much for the review :)
  18. I've never tried Peachy Green, but I have one bamboo diaper and love how soft it stays even when line dried. I also appreciate the reduced environmental impact of bamboo too.
  19. They have a great variety of products for a small family store. Love that!
  20. This diaper looks so soft and comfy! I'm sure my little one would love it.
  21. I have heard such wonderful things about peachy green, but haven't tried them yet. I love that this is a small business too
  22. Guinevere Sande says
    After taking a look at her store I would LOVE to win the gift card. She carries such a variety and fun unique items I don't know how I should spend my money first! Thanks for the cool highlight!
  23. I think I might like using inserts....I'm still a little confused with some cloth diapering terminology but as I keep reading reviews, I'm getting it:)
    • Hey Rachel, Diving into the world of cloth diapers can be a bit confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Here is a post I wrote a while back with some of the most commonly used types of diapers and other cloth diaper terminology. https://ohsosavvymom.com/2011/01/cloth-diapering-101-learning-lingo/ Here is a breakdown of the number of diapers you'll need according to the type of diapers you buy: https://ohsosavvymom.com/2011/01/cloth-diapering-101-getting-started/ I hope they're easy enough to read. The formatting got messed up when I transferred my blog to wordpress. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help.
  24. Wow that is one snazzy looking diaper! Kinda like a tattoo :) I'd love this for my son.
  25. I really would love to try this diaper. I absolutely love AI2 diaper. They are our favorite day time diapers around here.
  26. I've never heard of this store so I really appreciate the review. Also, I really want to try Peachy Green. It looks soo trim.
  27. Hannah Avery says
    She has a nice selection! I might get a Thirsties Duo wrap in size one, or a newborn luxe print Rumparooz cover, and/or some more newborn prefolds.
  28. This is an informative post, and I love how you advocate for small businesses and stay at home moms.
  29. That diaper is really cute and looks amazingly absorbent! I love WAHM cloth diapers!
  30. always great to learn about new cloth diapering options - the fabrics are beautiful :)
  31. Kristen Redman says
    I had never heard of Peachy Green, but I haven't bought a new cloth diaper in over two years. That's a cute diaper. I don't think 19.95 is pricey, either...I'm willing to pay slightly more for a well made diaper.
  32. Rebecca R. says
    ive never tried the peachy green before, they look nice. i love the inserts with the snap options
  33. I love that print!! So gorgeous! I love that you can re-use the shell multiple times and that the insert is bamboo.
  34. I feel the same way about supporting small family run businesses. I never heard of Peachy Green and am now totally wanting to try one out.
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    these prints are all so cute and i also love the smaller companies and the variety
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    These are one of my fave diapers!
  38. What a unique print! I have wanted to try one of these diapers and I will definitely be checking out Happily Homegrown!
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    Great review on the clothe diapers and the pattern is so cute.