Great Deals for the Fashion Conscious Shopper

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I’m an online shopper.  I don’t like sifting through hundreds of clothing items trying to find style I like and a size that fits.  It doesn’t help that I almost always have at least one child in tow.  I would much prefer to browse an online clothing site in the comfort of my own home.

And there’s another thing, too.  I hate paying full price for anything.  I know I don’t post a lot of deals on my site, but I’m a deal shopper.  I love high quality things, but I don’t love paying high prices.  For instance, when I’m not pregnant I won’t pay more than $30 for a pair of pants.  That doesn’t mean I buy super cheap-o pants.  It means I know how to score a good deal.

How do I find the good deals to score?  I keep my eye out for good deal and discount websites.  Whenever I find a website that sells high end clothing at clearance prices I know I’ve hit the jackpot. is one such website.  With high end pieces from Speigel, Newport News, and ShapeFX at 50% or more off there is a wonderful selection of beautiful pieces to choose from.

I absolutely love the jackets and coats they have on their site right now.  Most of these are marked down well over 50% off.  I love this striped peacoat and this military inspired blazer!


If you’re going on a winter vacation to a tropical climate outlet stores like are also great places to find swimwear at discounted prices!

What is your favorite online site to find great deals on high-end clothing?


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  1. I find that Ross and TJmaxx are great places to shop for bargains with name brands. I dont know if considered high fashion
  2. joanna garcia says
    oh wow never heard of this site! thanks for the tip!
  3. teresa herrera-honores says
    im planning on going up north for the season i wil def need some winter clothes! thanks for the info!
  4. I've never heard of! xoxo
  5. Gina Brickell says
    I too love the online shopping and I'm ALWAYS looking for a good deal!! So, thank you for the info on this site. I'm going to have to check it out.. I hate paying full price for anything too so need me some good deal :) Hope you have fun shopping today for cyber Monday!