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Do any of your kids suffer from extreme eczema? Mine do and at times it is so unbearable that I just don’t even know what to do! My son would scratch his arms so much that he has scars still to this day of where he would scratch so hard and draw blood.  We got him all cleared up but he will get an occasional flare up now and then.  But now my baby is breaking out in eczema!  She has it all around her middle where her diaper rubs and she has spots on her chest, collarbone, shoulders and neck.  She even has it on the top of her head and she will scratch her head in the middle of the night until she draws blood.  It is just so sad!  I didn’t know what to do.  Put socks on her hands?  Well then I came across a great company called AD RescueWear and they make amazing suits and sleeves to help protect our little ones.

The Wrap-E-Soothe suits make wet wrapping a breeze and provide full body coverage for treatment and prevents scratching.  (To learn more about wet wrapping check this out). They even have little covers to fold over your little ones fingers so they can’t scratch!  It’s amazing!  Just look at my daughter wearing her suit.

(Her arm is all blurry because I couldn’t get her to hold still!)
This is with her pajama’s on over the suit

To use the Wrap-E-Soothe Suit, after bath time I get her medicine on her and then I lather her up in her cream.  Once that’s all applied I get the suit wet in the bathroom sink.  I ring in out so it’s not soaking wet and then I put it on her.  It goes on just like her sleeper pajamas.  Then I put her pajamas on over the top to keep her warm.  Now she’s all ready to go!  Then I just wrap her up and put her to bed for the night.  I was surprised at how easy it was to put on and I was even more surprised to see her results from the night before.  Check out her before and after pictures of her marks on her neck.  They look so great after just one night!



Now my big concern with the suit was with it being wet, would it make her cold at night.  The first time we used the suit she did wake up at night so I thought she was getting cold.  So the next few nights we didn’t have her sleep in it to see what would happen and guess what happened?   She didn’t sleep through the night!  So it must have been a fluke because we’ve used it since then and we haven’t had any problems.  She sleeps great and she is nice and snuggly warm when she wakes up!


Now for the Wrap-E-Soothe Sleeves these things are simply amazing and I wish I had known about them last year for my son.  He does get an occasional flare up so they are so nice to have on hand.  For the Sleeve, I simply put on my son’s prescription medicine then his cream and then I put the sleeve over his arm so he can’t itch!  I can’t fit my arm in it to see what it feels like but my son says it makes his arm feel better.

(Believe it or not that is him trying to smile!)

If you or someone you know suffers from eczema you have got to check out the products that AD RescueWear provides.  They are the 1st U.S. Company to sell products to assist parents and doctors with Wet Wrap Therapy.  This is a breakthrough for families who have a child that suffers from eczema.  I know that it really can help stop the itch and soothe your child’s skin making it a relief for parents everywhere.  The suit retails for $59.95 and the sleeves retail for $22.00.  If you would like to learn more about AD RescueWear please check out their website, facebook and twitter pages.


I was provided the above mentioned products by the company, at no cost to myself.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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  1. I had eczema when I was little. So glad I no longer have it. It is great to see that there are more porducts to help with it.
  2. My son doesn't but this looks like a great product! His friend does, so I'm definitely going to pass this on!
  3. Wow! I have a few friends who have babies with eczema - definitely passing this information along to them!
  4. Marty Harris says
    I have Eczema. Would have been nice to had something like that when I was a baby