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Are you ever on the look out for a nice, cold, refreshing drink but you would like something that is healthier for you. Well have I got something new for you guys to try out. Have you ever heard of OXYwater? I hadn’t until recently but now I am glad that I have.

OXYwater is a new drink with a fresh and clean taste. They are made with natural flavors from fruit and extra oxygen for a crisp and light taste. OXYwater has all the good stuff and none of the bad stuff. No artificial colors or flavors, 0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 sodium, 0 caffeine, B vitamins and antioxidants. OXYwater is the ultimate healthy beverage and you can feel good about drinking it!

We were able to try some of this new OXYwater and oh was it good!

OXYwater comes in 6 flavors.

  • Peach Mango
  • Cherry Pomegranate
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Island Citrus
  • Passion Berry

All of the flavors were really delicious but mine and my husbands favorite was the Peach Mango.  It was so creamy and delicious.  We both just loved it!  My kids kids really liked the Passion Berry.

Now when I first heard the name OXYwater I just assumed it was flavored water.  Similar to Propel or Gatorade.  But with OXYwater you don’ get just a flavored water, it is full on flavor!  And very delicious water too!

So what is so special about this OXYwater?  Well everything!  They start with water and filter it and purify it.  Then they add oxygen (O2).  This gives it a clean, crisp, light, fresh taste.  Then they add vitamins that help with metabolism, boost your energy, promote healthy digestion and help create new red blood cells.  They also add electrolytes such as calcium and potassium to help your replace the once that you may have lost through sweat during a work out.  And the last and key ingredient that they add is antioxidants.  Antioxidants are known to help protect your cells from aging.  I don’t know about any other water out there that can do all of that.  Plus it tastes amazing!

My kids love to drink it after playing outside and my husband and I love it after a work out.  I think its just a nice refreshing change up to tap water.  I did notice that it tastes best when it is really cold and shaken up.

Check it out:

You can see more by checking them out online, facebook, twitter and youtube.

Buy It:

You can purchase OXYwater in bulk online from their website or you kind find it in a Walgreens or Whole Foods store.  Check here to see if there is a place near you!

If you live in the Ohio area we have a coupon for you.  Just print it off and take it in to your local Walgreens or Jungle Jims. (click on the image to print the PDF)


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  1. How fun, never heard of this before. Sounds and looks good!!