Not So Wordless Wednesday: DixieMaze Farms

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Having only lived here four short weeks, if there is one thing I can say about northern Louisiana, it is beautiful!

On Monday we had a “Family Home Evening” outing with our church at DixieMaze Farms in Shreveport.  It was a BLAST!!! I’ve never been to a place quite like it.  I had a terrible cold that day and seriously debated not going, but in the end decided that the boys would have fun and would be sad to miss out.

First the boys took a couple rides on the Cow Train.  Both my 5 year old and two year old thought this was pretty awesome!

Then they decided to get down and dirty (and I mean REALLY dirty) in the Corn Bin.  When you can’t make snow angels what do ya make?  Yep,  CORN ANGELS!

After that we headed to the Corn Maze.  It was pretty muddy so we stuck to the front of the maze and Big Brother had us out in just a few minutes flat. Here is an aerial view of the maze from the DixieMaze Site…

And here is our triumphant “Conquering the Maze!” picture…

After we ate dinner it was beginning to get dark and we only had time for one last adventure.  Brave Big Brother decided he wanted to go on the Barn Swing.  It was dark so I really couldn’t get any pictures of him swinging, but here is a picture to illustrate just how high this swing goes.  Big Brother is up there in a seat harness contraption.  After getting all strapped in the attendant just kind of threw him off the ledge. LOL.

 He thought it was amazing–almost had a meltdown when I told him he couldn’t go again!

Here are a few other fun pictures I snapped while we were there…

All in all it was a very fun evening and I’d highly recommend it to any family in the area!

DixieMaze Farms has several more attractions that we didn’t even have time to visit.  You can check those out on their website.  You can also find admission and attraction prices.

DixieMaze Farms is open year round, but from September 29th – October 31 they have their Fall Festival complete with Corn Maze, Haunted Maze, and Pumpkin Patch!


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  1. Jessica Cote says
    I've been a reader for a short time but I didn't realize you lived in the same area as me!! We moved to the Bossier City area in late June due to the military. I've been wanting to check Dixiemaze since I head it on the radio. I'll have to plan to take my kids there! Also wanted to suggest taking your kids to the Red River Revel. I've heard its a festival here! My kids are only 3 and 2 but they really enjoyed going to Sci-Port too!
  2. This looks like so much fun! I love the pictures!
  3. It looks fabulous! I wish we had something similar near us. Love all of the photos.
  4. That looks super fun! I love that area of Louisiana. A good friend of mine lives there! BTW, I love the picture of you and your boys conquering the maze. Too cute
  5. Those look like you took pics from here, lol!! We go up and do all the same stuff.
  6. Looks like the BEST corn maze i have ever seen! FUN times!
  7. Oh this looks like a great family outing! We have something kinda similar here and hoping we can take the girls this year - I think they'd really love it!
  8. Your photo after the maze is awesome!
  9. Kristi- Mother of 3 says
    Been planning a trip for this month Live in Mooringsport,La Close to Shreveport Bossier all surrounding areas I didn"t realize you lived @ these parts have always been on your site lookin @. Did yall get the free pumpkins from the patch? Is there alot to choose from? So excited about going and Beautiful Pictures...
    • Hey Kristi! Yeah, we just moved to Bossier at the end of August. My husband is at Barksdale. We didn't get free pumpkins when we went. We went as a church activity and they gave us free admission so.... That is great that you live so near. It is always exciting to find a reader who is local. We knew absolutely no one when we moved here! :)
  10. Starr Greenwell says
    You have a great family! Looks like this was a wonderful time with many great memories.
  11. Robbin Roling says
    I am a face painter and I will be at Dixie Maze from Oct 22 (Tuesday) thru Oct 27th (Sunday). I live in Commerce, Georgia and will be staying with my niece and her family. Please come and visit my booth to get your face painted and see what I painted on mine that day. I love to dress up and paint something wild and crazy on my face, legs, arms or whatever. I am so excited to be off work to "work" at the Dixie Maze. This is my vacation.
  12. Julie Wood says
    I know I sure would love to go to the Dixie Maze with my niece and nephew and sister. This looks like so much fun and your boys had a blast. What a great place to visit. I would love to go their someday.
  13. David Fultner says
    How Cute????/ I get to Shreveport quite often and always need ideas for entertainment.
  14. Last weekend we went and got some pumpkins at the farm, apple cider, fresh made donuts, and got to see some farm animals, we did not do the corn maze yet but intend too, these activities are so much fun in the fall.
  15. ellen beck says
    It is quite pretty there! All the activities looks so fun!