Get the Kids in the Kitchen for National Pizza Month! #HormelFamily

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I know, I know, it seems like everything has it’s own month! LOL

These fun national month and days can be assigned to everything from bubbles to pizza.  I have found that these national days are a fun  excuse for me to get creative with my kids!

This month we’ve been having pizza nights!  Instead of ordering a pizza like we usually do, each of us “decorates” our own pizzas to our liking.  We pop them in the oven and then voila! in about 8 minutes we each have our own beautiful, hot pizzas to enjoy.

Last pizza night we used English muffins as our pizza crust.  *If you use English Muffins look for an “extra crisp” variety.  This will help prevent your pizza from being soggy.  Eww….

This pizza night I happened upon these personal sized pizza crusts at the commissary.  At under $3 for 3 crusts, the price was right.

I also decided to try Hormel’s new Pizza Toppings bags!

In addition to the Hormel Pizza Toppings I cut up some of the great pizza topping veggies we had on hand–onions and tomatoes.

For pizza sauce we just used spaghetti sauce.  It is a little thin, but it worked with the crusts we had.  If you find it is too thin try adding just a little tomato paste.

I let the kids decorate their own pizzas.  Big Brother made me laugh.  He’d get all his toppings arranged and then eat them off, promptly complaining that he didn’t have enough toppings!

Caught in the act!!!

I’m strange and love my food spicy so I dressed my pizza with jalapeños, onions, pepperoni, cheese, and put fresh tomatoes on top.

The hubs likes his meat so he used Hormel Toppings Beef Crumbles, Italian Sausage Crumbles, Pepperoni, onions, cheese, and fresh tomatoes on top.  I was afraid all his toppings would be overkill, but when asked how he liked it he replied, “Yum! It tastes just like a meat lovers pizza!”

We love pizza nights!  It is one of those rare nights when we don’t have to prod and nag our kids to eat their dinners. 🙂

For more pizza inspiration check out these pizza recipes at

Do you have pizza nights at your house?  What are your family’s favorite pizza toppings?

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  1. Make your own pizza hut is one of my kids' faves!
  2. Yum! We love pizza and I would be happy to do my part to celebrate it. Lol. Maybe even for dinner tonight.
  3. What a fun tradition you're starting! We love pizza night, as well. We live pretty far away from the city, so no pizza delivery for us - we make our own pizzas all the time!
  4. We love making homemade pizza, maybe we will have a pizza making night this weekend! Thanks for the great idea!
  5. Great tradition! We LOVE homemade pizza! Yours looks good! Kas
  6. We east pizza way too much!! I actually just bought some Hormel mini pepperonis for tomorrow's pizza night =)
  7. Pizza night is our favorite dinner night at our house.