Fun and Easy Halloween Door Wreath #Craft #DIY

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I have a cute new sister-in-law, and she is having so much fun being a newlywed.  She is experiencing cooking, cleaning and decorating a house for the first time and is loving it.  Oh, how I would love to be 20 and a newlywed again! 🙂  Anyways, the other night she mentioned that she wanted to make a wreath so she could hang something on their door.  So we pulled up our pinterest apps and started searching for fall wreaths.  We found a really cute one from craftaholics anonymous and I just had to make one too!

Here is a list of the supplies you will need to make this wreath

  • 1.25 yards of black burlap cut into 1″x16″ strips {i used a rotary cutter but you can cut with scissors too if you want to.  She had a bunch of tips on using burlap that you can check out here.}
  • 14″ foam wreath ring
  • black paint {i used spray paint for the wreath and craft paint for the wood letters}
  • Wood letters {i spelled out BOO but I thought Eek would have been cute too}
  •  Halloween Scrapbook Paper
  •  Mod Podge, rotary cutter and mat or scissors, sponge paint brush, hot glue gun

Here are the step by step directions of how I made it

First off, I took my wreath outside and spray painted it

Then while that dried I traced my letters on scrapbook paper and cut them out

Next I painted the edges of my letters black.  Inside and out.

Now it was time to mod podge.  So I put a thin layer on the letter and then I applied my paper.  Once the paper was in position I did another light layer of the top.

Once the paper was in position I did another light layer of mod podge on the top.

Now it was time to cut the burlap 1″ by 16″

And then I tied them on in a double knot

And it finish it off just hot glue your letters on!


As I look back at this there sure seems to be a lot of steps but it really was easy to make.  And it went pretty fast.  But as I did it I found out some great tips that I would share with you that will make it easier for you.

  • Don’t stress about cutting your strips super straight.  They still look great once their all tied on.
  • Don’t tie your burlap too tight because they tear very easily.
  • When you trace your letter onto the scrapbook paper put your paper with the back side up and then trace your letter backwards also.  (My sister-in-law had to trace her “B” 3 times before she got it right! )
  • When I mod podged my paper to my wood letters it kind of went bubbly but after it dried overnight it looked great and smooth again.
  •  I didn’t do it with this wreath but I read somewhere that you could cut your wreath in half and then it will lay flat against your door and then you could technically make two wreaths out of one!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Halloween season!


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