Wordless Wednesday: Chopsticks

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We went out to sushi the other night, and they had chopstick trainers for the kids!  How cute!  Here is Little Brother’s first time using chopsticks.  Both boys got pretty good by the end of dinner!



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  1. WOW!! I can't use chopsticks - even with a helper! I am impressed!
    • I lived in Hawaii for a little while and had a roommate who insisted I become proficient at using chopsticks. I was so disappointed to learn recently that I hold my chopsticks weird. :( The chopstick trainers were super fun. My older son actually learned to use them pretty well and was eating rice with them! Now that is difficult!
  2. Jessica Beard says
    This is so cute! I need the trainers too. Looks like he did a good job.
  3. Aaaw how cute I can't use chop sticks if my life depended on it maybe I need some chopstick trainers lol
  4. Trasina McGahey says
    Cute!!! I love Wordless Wednesdays lol. Just yesterday my 10 year old daughter told me they had Chinese food at school and "they let us have the "wood eater things" she said. :)
  5. Debbie Ritenour says
    Wow that is so cute! My daughter loves trying to use chop sticks but none of us are good at it!
  6. Mmmm...sushi. I ve never seen chopstick trainers before - clever xo
  7. Thomas Murphy says
    I want to learn how to use chopsticks, I need the chopstick trainers!
  8. There is no way in heck that I can use them. I could learn to use them, as I am sure there are left-handed people who use them haha, but no way for me.
    • I'm left handed. You hold them the same way a right handed person holds theirs. You just have to be careful to sit on the correct side of your chopstick holding, right-handed counterpart or you'll end up clashing your chopsticks together in a chopstick duel.
  9. Richard Hicks says
    This is new to me. I would need the trainers too. Great way to go on a diet! ardy22 at earthlink dot net
    • LOL, you've probably got a point with the diet thing. I know I definitely don't eat as much when I eat with chopsticks. It takes a little longer than shoveling food in your mouth with a fork.
  10. Sandy VanHoey says
    Look at him...great job! I'm not too good at this task myself so I'm proud of them