We have a time machine in our laundry room! #MaytagMoms

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At least that is what everyone thinks when they enter our laundry room.  We’ve had a lot of different people in our house the past several weeks.  Friends, moving people, my husband himself have all expressed their wonder at the new washer and dryer that graces our laundry room.

I was out of town in Utah when our Maytag Bravos washer and dryer combo were delivered.  I’ve only had the opportunity to use these space age appliances for less than a week.  My husband, on the other hand, has been doing his laundry in the Maytag Bravos for several weeks.

A few days after our new washer and dryer were installed the husband called me and raved about how amazing the pair were!  He was astounded by all the options for washing and drying!  Indeed, “the latest Bravos XL washer features 13 specialty cycles to make laundry day easier including the Powerwash Cycle that delivers the best cleaning in the industry and the Allergen Cycle that helps eliminate 95 percent of common household allergens.”

During the time I was gone my husband had a friend, a fellow resident, stay with him for a few weeks before he moved.  It was so funny to see these two “bachelors” rave about a washer and dryer!  They were truly enamored.

The large selection of wash and dry cycles takes the guess work out of how best to get your clothes clean.  Have a load of towels?  Try the towel wash. Washing whites? Turn it to the white cycle. The washer will automatically wash on hot and do an extra rinse.  Cloth diapers? Try the heavy duty wash.

Oh, and did I mention how HUGE the wash barrel is?!  Gone are the days when I have to do two loads of one color.  What was  a full load in our high capacity washing machine only fills our Bravos XL washing machine to 1/3 its capacity! This will cut the number of laundry loads I do almost in half.  Sweet laundry bliss!

For a company that has been around for over 100 years, Maytag has stayed on top of laundry innovation and continues to deliver dependability to laundry rooms everywhere.

To learn more about Maytag or the Maytag Bravos XL washer and dryer visit the Maytag website.  You can also keep up with the latest from Maytag on their facebook and twitter pages.

Disclosure: I was not monetarily compensated for this post, nor am I required to say positive things.  I did receive a Maytag Bravos washer/dryer combo for review purposes.  All opinions are honest and are entirely my own.


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  1. Your new washing machine looks AMAZING!!
  2. It is super cool so far. I know it is still several months down the road, but the ultimate washing test will be cloth diapers. LOL
  3. SO AWESOME! xoxo
  4. Mike W Davis says
    Lucky Lady--that would be some nice machine to have--great review
  5. i am so jealous! hope you enjoy them a lot!
  6. I love it! It is nice to have a big one. I have a front loader because my machine broke. I love it. I still have my old dryer though!! So I do two dry loads. I am going to keep it until it konks out!!
  7. "Disclosure: I did receive a Maytag Bravos washer/dryer combo for review purposes. All opinions are honest and are entirely my own." Gee...of course you're going to say positive things when you get $2000 worth of free stuff! WARNING - my wife and I just bought this machine and we followed the "instructions" perfectly. When they say "some of the clothes are supposed to be above the water line", did they mean 75% of the clothes? We watched through the glass door in shock as we watched the agitator shred the clothes in the middle of the washer, while COMPLETELY LEAVING the clothes around the outside unwashed/untouched!! When they say it uses less water, did they mean it sprinkles a pint of water on 30 lbs of clothes? Because that's exactly what happened. And what's up with spending 15 minutes just to "FILL" the damn thing? Spin, sprinkle water, spin more, more sprinkles...repeat for 15 minutes, only to start the wash with not even remotely enough water to get the clothes to start tumbling. Something is wrong with this design, when they say "it's a High-Efficiency machine", and supposed to use less water, only to go through wash cycles WAY longer and cost us much more in electricity bills from all the damn spinning of the clothes! I save $2.00 a month in water bills, but have to pay $6.00 more in electricity bills. Plus, for each load, 25% of my clothes are shredded/destroyed, and the other 75% of them are NOT WASHED, and I have to spend 2 hours washing them by hand. And yes, i'm following the directions perfectly. I have had only limited success using the Delicate cycle with very small loads, but I specifically forked out $1000 so I could pack this thing with filthy clothes and not have to worry that the machine will destroy them. 0/5 stars, going back to standard agitator design as soon as I can unload this onto someone else.
    • Radek, I'm sorry you've had such a frustrating experience with your washing machine. I'm guessing that with almost any appliance there is going to be the occasional dud, or appliance that needs maintenance right off the bat. It happens. If your washing machine is still under warranty you won't have to pay anything to have a repairman come look at it. I highly recommend doing that. If you haven't already you should contact Maytag customer service. If you feel you haven't been able to get anyone to listen to you try posting on their facebook page that you've been having a problem with your washer but haven't received the customer service you need. Your washer shouldn't be doing those things you are saying it does. I have had nothing but good experiences with how our cleans the clothes. I did have a problem with our washing machine after we moved. I don't know whether the moving guys did something to the washer when they were moving it, or if it was a defective part. I talked about that in a later post: https://ohsosavvymom.com/2012/11/my-final-thoughts-on-our-maytag-bravos-xl-washer-and-dryer-maytagmoms/ I did receive these from the company, but I never feel bound to post only positive things. I post what I like about the product, and if I run into problems with the product I discuss those in my review. Thanks for taking the time to read the post and express your frustrations. I hope you're able to get in contact with someone who can help.
  8. Buffalo At Heart says
    My parents have this washer & dryer and it is just awful. Seriously chews the clothes to bits. Things don't come out clean. Everything comes out so wrinkled you have to iron half your clothes. I don't see how it saves energy at all!
    • That is disappointing. Our washer and dryer is still going strong, and washes very well. We haven't had a problem with it being too rough on the clothes (I hear that can happen if you have a loose agitator, but that is on a standard top loader, not sure if it is true for an HE). I've heard so many mixed reviews from people it makes me think that they just don't have much consistency in the quality of their product. Some people have great experiences while others have absolutely terrible ones. I'm sorry to hear your parents have had a bad experience with this set.