Can I please just take a shower in peace?!

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mom shower

Ah, the mom shower.

Mom Shower noun. The 5 minutes a mother spends in the morning (or afternoon) frantically try to clean herself, daring to leave her children alone, and hoping that during that 5 minutes they don’t burn down the house or kill each other.

Not exactly the most relaxing part of my day.  If you have young kids I’m sure that “mom shower” needs no further explaining.  You get it.  You’ve been there…every day probably.

But yesterday. Yesterday brought a whole new level of insanity to my “mom shower”.  No houses were burned, no black eyes were given, but it was insane nonetheless.

Here is what transpired….

9:30 am— I hop in the shower for a nice, refreshing shower and shave.

9:33 am— In bursts Little Brother (age 2 1/2).  “Mom!  Big Brother is trying to play with me!”

Uhhh, I think I missed something here. “Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do?”

Little Brother: “But I don’t want him to play with me!”

Me: “He’s just trying to be nice and he wants to play with you because he loves you.  You don’t have to play with him though. Just tell him you don’t want to play right now.”

“Okay!” and out he runs.

“And don’t forget to shut the bathroom door!” I call after him.

9:35 am— In come both boys.  “Mom, my Jedi robe won’t stay on. I need you to put a snap on it!” Laments/demands Big Brother.

“Well, I can’t put a snap on it while I’m in the shower.”

“Oh, come on!”

Seriously, what is he thinking? I’m naked, dripping wet, and have soap in my hair.  Not to mention my snaps and snap pliers are still packed in a box who knows where.

“How about I straighten the robe for you so it doesn’t feel like it is falling off?”

“Okay” he replies in his most tragic voice (and believe me, this boy can do tragic). Both boys trudge, looking quite defeated, out of the bathroom.

“And don’t forget to shut the…!” Dang it.

9:36 am– They’re back. Joy.

“Mom! I really need a snap! Right now!”

“Bud, I already told you.  I CAN NOT do it while I’m in the shower.  You’re going to have to wait til I get out.” (And if you’ll give me 5 minutes peace I may finish before the end of the century!)

“Ah, this is terrible!!!  This is the worst day EVER!”

I’m not even going to go there on his “worst day ever”.  It is a common theme in his 5 year old life lately.

“Guys, go play.  I’ll be out of the shower in 5 minutes and I’ll do whatever you need then.”

They leave.  Thank goodness…but they forgot to shut the door.

9:37 am– Little Brother has come in to make a report. “Mom, Big Brother is mad at you.”

“Alright, thanks for telling me.  Now, you go play.”


“Don’t forget to shut the door!” I call after him…yet again.

9:37 and 30 seconds am–  He’s back. “Mom, Big Brother is very mad at you.”

“Thanks for letting me know buddy. I’ll be out in a minute and I’ll talk to him then.”


“And shut the door!”

9:38 am– He’s back…again.  What in the world does he want to tell me this time?!

“Mom! Big Brother won’t play with me!”

Ah, yes…it has come full circle…. 

The Husband, psychologist by profession, jokes that raising kids is often like living with mental patients.  At times like this I wholeheartedly agree.


What has been your craziest or most ridiculous “Mom shower” experience?






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  1. Wow, does this ever hit home. My kids do the same thing... And the dogs need to get in on the action too. Frustrating, and no one closes the door!
  2. I joined a gym a month ago and the luxury of showering without anyone opening the shower curtin has not worn off yet. In fact it's what motivates me to go some mornings.
  3. ha ha. Hope you get a break xo
  4. I nearly died laughing at this is sounds exactly like my showers except add a 2 yr old who often strips down and demands getting in the shower with you lol
  5. I can remember feeling dirty and tired most of my child rearing days. Usually it was because of days like the one you discribed.
  6. Haha, I know the feeling! The worst is that my toddler decided that he wants showers now. My husband and toddler were in the living room and he kept running into the bathroom to open the door and say that he wanted a shower. Ahhhh, let me get a shower in peace! ;)
  7. Nope, you probably won't get to take a shower in peace for a while. My kids are teens and they still need something whenever I try to take a shower. Or someone calls or my husband has to ask a
  8. LOL! Since J is back in school, C is the only one coming in while I shower. Things are a smidge easier on school days. I hope you got a nice shower today! :)
  9. I just remember when my guys were little there was never any time that you could get a way without them following me. Now my bichon dogs 2 boys are the same way!!!
  10. Trasina McGahey says
    Hahahahaha that is too funny! I remember bringing my second child into the bathroom with me in her bouncer seat to make sure my oldest wouldn't mess with her.
  11. Maria Iemma says
    My kids are now grown but I remember not being able to use the bathroom alone for quite a few years... never mind a shower, just doing my necessary daily routine was completely out of the question unless one of them or maybe all of them crowded into the bathroom with me