On the road again…again

6 hours of driving down. 6 hours to go.

Last Tuesday I wrote that my mom had just passed away. The boys, my sister and her husband, and I are now making our way, by car, from Provo, Utah to San Diego, California. It will be a week filled with nostalgia as we go through my moms things, tears as we realize even more how much we will miss Mom, and joy at being together again as a family.

I am so appreciative of all the supportive sentiments that you all expressed when you read about what happened. Your support and prayers had an amazing effect on my ability to cope while attending to my responsibilities.

I’ll be in San Diego until next Tuesday and will resume a normal posting schedule after that.

In the mean time, anyone have any fun summer plans for this week?


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  1. Was great to meet you this weekend! Hope you traveled home safe. XO
  2. {HUG} Travel safe! We should get together when you get back!